Wild Giraffe Pepper Coord (ワイルドキリンペッパ) is a coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It has not appeared in the anime yet.




A yellow off the shoulder top with a brown giraffe print. Sewn to the bottom are cherry-colored petal shapes, making the spiked sleeve cuff. Around the top is a thin gold band with several ruby droplet-shaped dangles hanging from it. A gold band wraps around the neck with the same dangles hanging in the back. On each wrist is a cherry diamond bracelet on a yellow border.


A yellow petal tutu with giraffe markings on the lower portion to match the waistband. This skirt rests over a flowery, two layer cherry petticoat. A gold chain hangs from the waist, adorned with the same ruby dangles from the top.


Thick, solid bottom shoes with a yellow strap on top of the foot. Yellow straps cover the lower leg, held together to the foot piece by cherry shoelaces tied into a bow on top. The yellow leg pieces have the giraffe pattern.


A big yellow bow with giraffe spots and a cherry center.


Wild Giraffe Pepper Coord is a Natural-type Rare Coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.6 Collection.

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Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Wild Giraffe Pepper Top

Wild Giraffe Pepper Skirt

Wild Giraffe Pepper Shoes

Wild Giraffe Pepper Hair Accessory

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