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    Passion's GIFT

    June 21, 2015 by Passionstar

    Okay since almost everyone put out their gift i's my turn to say a few words. Our family has grown so much with some that stay for a short while and some that will stay for a long time. Honestly none of this could have been done without Ainlina (Hanui). I wish for her best in Korea and hope she comes back safety and well. She is honestly and awesome sauce. I could ramble on forever but i dont want you to die of boredom.

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    With the time edging closer, we would like all participants to be in the wiki chat before 5pm ET.

    Further instructions about the event will be expalined there. This event will last for about an hour so be there on time. 

    Good Luck to all Participants and we hope you have fun!!!


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    Episode 25

    December 20, 2014 by Passionstar

    Hey everyone 

    the following will be spoilers so don't read this unless you have watched episode 25 or don't want to be spoiled

    So the plot where laala's mom and gloria not seeming each other outside pri para was kinda a dull plot because it was obvious that they didn't know each other's real appearances outside pri para.

    The biggest part of the episode for me was the collab between solami SMILE and dressing pafe.

    Yay!!!! They won the shoes for the paradise coord!!!

    I wonder if faruru's mascot will get their major debut in the next episode with faruru???

    So I was wondering what are your opinions and reactions to the future of the series and this episode

    please comment below :)

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    Episode 23

    December 7, 2014 by Passionstar

    If you havent seen episode 23 then dont read what is below because it can contain spoilers. I am also making this post to ask everyone about their opinions about the second cour of pri para !!!

    okay in episode 23 I believed near the end faruru had some sorta of relation to gloria.

    IDK who said it but the person that said gloria might be related to faruru and thats why she hates pri para. who ever said that (sorry dont remember your name) but  i was hoping that your theory was correct.

    anyways anyone else has thoughts about episode 23 and how episode 24 is gonna turn out.

    personally i think that they are related and the reason why she hates pri para is because faruru left her (maybe her daughter?)

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    November 1, 2014 by Passionstar

    Spoilers bewhere

    from episode 18

    Turn back now if you dont want spoilers!!!

    I'm quite confused regarding the gender of leona??? I pretty sure they said that she was a boys which is coool... The only thing that bother's me is that... shouldn't she get a unisex gender name??? Well it still doesnt really matter to me because she/he is stilll sooooo cute!!!! What are everyone else's thoughts on this matter??

    Boys in pri para are personal cool to me despite him loooking total like a girl!!!

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