Lillie Nijiiro Lillie Nijiiro 1 November 2017


I am surpised no one has posted about this yet xDDDD

So this was on the PriPara Twitter: 

So the new 3 Idol Time charas are FINALLY forming a team!!!!

Its called "My Dream" 

Its such an awesome announcement! 

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Lillie Nijiiro Lillie Nijiiro 9 May 2017

Some PriPara Theories


This is my first blog, so I don't really know what I am doing xD (Plus I have no idea where to post this, so...)

Okay, let's get back to what we are talking about. Its about PriPara theories. First topic: Falala

Okay, so when I first heard about Falala, I was like, "Oh, its basically a rip-off of Faruru and Jewlie."

But then, I have moved on from that, and I went deeper into the situation.

I think Jewlie is Falala. But wait, how do I think I know that? I read that Jewlie will be reborn as a new goddess. So that made me think Jewlie is Falala. Another reason is because of the name.  Falala. If you break it down, it is Fa and lala. Faruru and Laala (In PriPara character form) So Faruru could understand Jewlulu and saw Jewlulu at the end of t…

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