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  • Glinkling

    Kiratto PriChan

    January 24, 2018 by Glinkling

    So, there was a new project announced (as part of Pretty All Friends) called Kiratto Pri☆Chan (presumably short for Prism Channel).

    Here's some pictures released: 

    It looks like it'll be a complete reboot, however the current PriPara is likely not going away either. The cabinet looks like an expanded PriPara machine, complete with a PriTicket dispenser/reader. A new type of ticket called a "KiraTicket" will also be introduced. It seems that idols will be using "online video" more, with "iines" replaced with "followers". 

    The names of the new characters are:

    Mirai Momoyama (Pink-haired girl)

    Emo Moegi (Blonde girl)

    Rinka Aoba (Blue-haired girl)

    Mirai and Emo are idols, and Rinka is their manager.

    Other personal thoughts

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  • Glinkling

    i bought the entire album on the itunes store, so here's all of the full songs (including instrumentals) there's also a folder of them in ogg format for the wiki

    update: here's idol:time!! solami dressing version as well

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