Hey guys! I was thinking about making this blog for a while now so.... If you hadn't figured it out by the title, I'm asking to see who your favorite Idol Time character is so far. It can only be one of the new characters and not returning ones like Laala. But if you like Laala, that's totally okay.

To be honest, it took me a while to decide who my favorite was but I think I've finally made up my occasionally undecisive mind XD

My favorite of the three is probably Nino which is surprising to me since I'm a cool type idol fan. I do like pop types, don't get me wrong, but they usually only end up in different parts of my ranking depending on who it is. Anyway, what I like about Nino is that she's different from your typical pop idol (to be fair none of the PriPara pop idols are normal pop idols except Pinon?) I like how she's into sports and has a competitive streak and she just is a lot of fun. Also, her design is so unique when she's in PriPara! The ombre hair, sporty coords, she's just so unique! I also like her reactions to when Michiru goes to PriPara for the first time, she's just hilarious XD

Needless to say, I have enjoyed the other two. Yui is cute and she's really funny (even though I'm still trying to get used to those dreamy eyes XD) but she's honestly not that... Ummm.. Special? I don't know, she just is happy go lucky and loves being an idol, there's just not much to her character in my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I like her and all but there could be more to her character than just typical protagonist.

Michiru is also pretty great even if she is newer. Personally I can't stand her civilian personality but I love her PriPara personality! She's just so confident and a little crazy. I just wish she wasn't so resemblant of other anime characters... Well, it's anime, what can you do? XD

I'm also very curious about Falala. She seems cute but she's very mysterious. I have a feeling we'll learn more about her later on in the season (like we did with Faruru) so I have no opinion of her for the moment being.

Well, feel free to share who your favorite is in the comments! I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are on the characters so far! See you later!

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