If you remember, last month or the month before, I can't remember, I went around asking for 5 other people to join me in a PriPara Cover Group. And now our group is complete! Our group is known as Felicità, which is, if I remember correctly, Italian for Happiness. We aim to spread happiness to all of the people who listen to our songs. The group is as follows:

Laala: Ivanly
Mirei: Dina
Sophie: Hibiki
Shion: Jariri
Dorothy: KaiMarks
Leona: Usagi

Just recently, our YouTube channel was created. And...haha, it's quite empty. But that doesn't mean it will be for long! As in a couple of weeks time, we'll be uploading our first cover! So, feel free to subscribe. It would be really appreciated if you do as you might come back happier then ever...maybe. I can't guarantee XD


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