So, you might be thinking "didn't you have a PriPara discord server before?" upon seeing the title of this blog, and yeah, you're right. Hence why I said "Take 2" in the title~! But after some problems, I had to create a new one and to be honest, I think it was for the best as the old server was a mess and really quiet. No one really spoke there, not even myself!

This one has gone through more changes and will be focused on not only Felicità (you know, that PriPara cover group?) and PriPara, but everyone else. You guys will get to choose what songs we cover from PriPara, and you even get to choose who'll become the channel icon every month etc.! Not only that, you have the right to add your own covers/creations to the server too! Keep in mind, your covers/creations don't have to be PriPara related^^ Us members of Felicità aim to make this PriPara server a fun, positive environment for all PriPara fans to hang out, listen to each other's songs, and look at each other's creations!

If you decide to join, please read the rules and information channels before you start talking to everyone! It's just so you don't make any mistakes or accidentally break a rule~

Discord server link:

So if you're up to it, feel free to join!

P.S. if you have never created a Discord account, and you're having some problems, just message me on my message wall and I'll help you out~!

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