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    So, you might be thinking "didn't you have a PriPara discord server before?" upon seeing the title of this blog, and yeah, you're right. Hence why I said "Take 2" in the title~! But after some problems, I had to create a new one and to be honest, I think it was for the best as the old server was a mess and really quiet. No one really spoke there, not even myself!

    This one has gone through more changes and will be focused on not only Felicità (you know, that PriPara cover group?) and PriPara, but everyone else. You guys will get to choose what songs we cover from PriPara, and you even get to choose who'll become the channel icon every month etc.! Not only that, you have the right to add your own covers/creations to the server too! Keep in mi…

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  • CureHibiki

    If you remember, last month or the month before, I can't remember, I went around asking for 5 other people to join me in a PriPara Cover Group. And now our group is complete! Our group is known as Felicità, which is, if I remember correctly, Italian for Happiness. We aim to spread happiness to all of the people who listen to our songs. The group is as follows:

    Laala: Ivanly
    Mirei: Dina
    Sophie: Hibiki
    Shion: Jariri
    Dorothy: KaiMarks
    Leona: Usagi

    Just recently, our YouTube channel was created. And...haha, it's quite empty. But that doesn't mean it will be for long! As in a couple of weeks time, we'll be uploading our first cover! So, feel free to subscribe. It would be really appreciated if you do as you might come back happier then ever...maybe. I can't…

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  • CureHibiki

    PriPara Discord Server

    January 3, 2017 by CureHibiki

    Lol, I should have realised that no one would know about the PriPara Discord Server because it is pretty much hidden in my other blog.

    Alright! So, I made a PriPara discord server for the cover group AND for PriPara fans! When you click the link below, you will see that there are four different text channels. Information, General, Planning and PriPara.

    Information is just to let you guys know what will happen in the group/server.
    General is a chat where you can talk about literally anything.
    Planning is for the cover group, mixer and designer only and is pretty much for planning upcoming covers, and to ask any questions about the songs.
    And PriPara is for anything PriPara.

    Invite link:

    If you have any questions about the server, …

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  • CureHibiki

    CureHibiki: Sophie
    Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa: Leona
    User:Ivanly912: Laala
    Alkamas: Shion
    Dina: Mirei

    We might need one more person to be Dorothy!

    Alright! So this is an obviously a wiki for an idol anime. And I love PriPara despite my hiatus from it for a year. And coming back to this wiki gave me an idea! Creating our very own i☆Ris/SoLaMiDressing cover group!!! And I know there are users here who love to sing as well!

    So! PriPara singers! I am looking for five singers who can sing as Laala, Mirei, Shion, Dorothy or Leona! Sophie has been taken by me as I think I can sing more like her. Yeah, another twist. Pick the member of i☆Ris/SoLaMiDressing that you can sing most like. I might need someone to tell me if I sound more like Laala or Sophie. It was k…

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  • CureHibiki


    October 23, 2016 by CureHibiki

    Yo, yo, yo! It's meh, CureHibiki! And it's time for the weekly news of muszac~ Okay, sorry XD I got a little bored XD I'm sure we have all been glaring at the music of season 3 and wondering when in the world of PriPara we might be getting the full versions. Well fear not! Hibiki has found a date for a suspiciously named album: PriPara Song♪Collection 1st Stage which will be released on December 23, 2016. Urgh....well, early Christmas present! But~ No tracklist yet. My bet is all the songs we have gotten in season 3 so far will be on the album but who knows XD

    Never mind, there is a tracklist!!!! Source:【アルバム】プリパラソング♪コレクション%201stステージ/pd/1425675/

    1. Triangle・Star/ Singers: SoLaMi SMILE
    2. Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! /…

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