Okay, so in this remake you get a total of 7 choices, that's only one more than the last; but this time I chose all new coords. I plan to make a seperate quiz for the brands I couldn't use in this one - once they get more fleshed out.

So for now enjoy :3 The quiz is simple, just choose letters.


1. We need to determine the type of idol you are. Anything that is in CAPS does lead to a different response than just selecting the normal typed choice. So pick whichever one you like.

  • A - I couldn't decide...
  • B - Pop
  • C - COOL
  • D - A Shiny Star!
  • E - Cool
  • F - A lovely, Lovely idol~
  • G - POP!!!!

2. A girl comes up to you for an interview! Her first question, "what is your ideal fashion sense?" 

  • A - I love to look girly and sweet. Pink with some white accenting and cutesy patterns.  
  • B - I want to feel like a true Princess when I wear it~
  • C - I'm actually okay with anything. I'm not really girly, but I love to pair skirts or heels with my sweaters or jackets.
  • D - It's sort of "uniform" and maybe a bit "formal", but it's also very loud and exciting!
  • E - Well in terms of color anything goes. I'm mainly big of sparkles or glitter and the feminine, frilly touch.
  • F - I prefer darker colors. I don't really care what type of style the outfit is. Frilly or leather, I wear it all.
  • G - Um... in two words: LOUD and COLORFUL!

3. Interested in your response, the girl decides to ask more questions. "Okay, I got a pack of these keychains. But the only problem is that I can't decide which one I like the best, will you help?"

  • A - An Apple. It's simple, but it makes a statement.
  • B - Chibi Unicorn!
  • C - One that resembles a pop badge.
  • D - A shiny, transparent crystal gem.
  • E - A stained glass butterfly
  • F - Bat Wings.
  • G - A black ribbon

4. "Ah, alright, thanks! Now then, pick ONE word to describe your dream coord~"

  • A - Uniform
  • B - Fresh
  • C - Clear
  • D - Floral
  • E - Cooling
  • F - Unique!
  • G - Tomboyish

5. "I see, I see... alright, so what would be one element you wouldn't see on your dream coord?"

  • A - Well... I don't really want the coord to look childish.
  • B - If it's under-decorated, I don't want it. I like it to be very much adorned with accessories.
  • C - Well I like it to be colorful and nice. So if it's colorful and looks... messy, it isn't really that nice.
  • D - I don't like dark colors...
  • E - My coords must have that regal flair to them. So if they don't, no thank you.
  • F - I don't like things being plain. It has to be colorful and loud!
  • G - I don't like solids much.

6. "Alright, well thank you for your time!" After the girl leaves, one who was watching runs up to ask, "I have my first performance coming up! Please! Help me pick the coord to wear!"

  • A - Oh, uh... sure... but you should know that I'm not doing you any favors like this.
  • B - E-eh? ............a-alright...?
  • C - Why of course! I'd be honored~
  • D - Gladly! We wear the same brand so this'll be a sinch!
  • E - Ah! Really?! A-alright!
  • F - Alright, sure. Then maybe you can give me an opinion?
  • G - Hmhm, sure! I'll pick the perfect coord ; 3
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