Hi everyone, I saw this intereding toy on the official website today. Its the rosette pact, the thing worn by Jururu, an its apparently a virtual pet toy you can connect to the Arcade Game.

Anyway, I would have liked to try to make a page for it; but I can't translate that stuff too well so instead here's some pictures. If you translate stuff like that and want to try, here's the page:

If you enjoy it, we really need a lot of merchandise pages added too XD anyone who knows how to translate stuff like this is welcome to them.

Check out the girls with the curly hair. At first I thought it may be a new character- but given the multiple images I'm guessing that isn't the case. However, as it connects to this toy/Vocal Dolls, it could be what an older Jururu may look like?

Only time will tell~

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