Yeah, Halloween isn't for a month/so many days yet - but it's such a fun topic and holiday, and I already did this idea on the
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Aikatsu wiki and it seemed to go over really smoothly, accurately, and fun x3

Basically, In this topic you must hit the RANDOM PAGE button. It's on top of the nagivation bar right next to the WIKI ACTIVITY tab. You only have a limt of 3 CHANCES; so keep hitting it until you get 3 coords. If you do it more than that and pick which ones you like the best, it's cheating and it ruins the fun you would have naturally. So please, play fairly!

So without further ado... my three costumes after hitting the random button would be...

All and all, I'm pleased with these choices x3 they're all pretty cute, and somehow coords I actually like. Let's see what random combinations the rest of you get, include a small picture of each if you would like.

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