If you guys haven't checked it out yet there it is. We're getting the basics put together with what we have and know for now, so please be patient. Since the series wont be starting in April, its going to be a while and information will probably be trinkling in slowly.

Anyway, I thank those of you members who are trying to understand why we did this, and are looking forward to the change in pace. If this series is like the original Aikatsu wiki at all- it will continue to live XD don't worry. Especially if we need the forum for anything- considering the new wiki don't get a forum on them. I checked, I don't know how to get one put on or if its even possible to yet.

In the time we have before the new series, we also plan to hurry and finish the coords because we are way behind and well aware of that. I've been doing a million over DCD game-based wiki things as of late, I know its my fault but remember, there's only 2 of us on the Coord team as it is.

Onto my last piece in the wall of text now. In terms of new coords, whats featured in the collections will determine where they go. For example, if its only about new brands and the series they won't be on here, they will be on the new wiki. If its a collection for the original it'll be on this wiki. If by some freak chance they do a combination (like feature new  series and old series brands) we'll just place them where they go. You know, old on old, new on new?

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