If you're like me, you probably miss the fun coord making event/tournament. So, I thought this would be kind of fun to do in the mean time. To get some practice in, and to just unwind and have some fun XD

So basically, follow the rules I provide and make a coord.

The theme for this round will be...

Dreamy Carnival~!

For all of your hardwork Idoling, you have been invited to perform at a special carnival opening. For it, you decide to go early with some fellow Idols to hang out there before the performance is to take place. In a hurry, you prepare and take off!


  • Any coord/rarity/brand/type/etc can be used.
  • An accessory must be included.
  • Make the outfit practical. Don't use something that could get in the way of rides (such as huge puffy dresses or skirts). Keep in mind that it should be weather apropriate as well.
  • For an extra challange, only use coord pieces that fit what YOU believe/think is your PriPara type.
  • The coord should be casual.


Alright, so as a Lovely-type, Chris-chan chose something pink; as its her favorite color. Currently the weather is cool, but not really chilly due to it being spring. Its rainy, but not really all that bad so I feel the coord I put together would actually be okay for the weather- especially since I like the cool air and don't want to be too warm.

Okay! So now its everyone else's turn. Put together your casual, idol coord fitting the rules and explain the reasoning behind it.

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