EDIT: Due to some stupid bid mix-up that led me to believe I hadn't won an auction when I actually had, causing me to buy the same thing again, I think I'm also selling the Loli Gothic (don't get on me about the stylization) Snow White Romance Dress, minus the crown accessory. Also in new condition. 

Hey guys, so I recently (providing my order goes through ok and gets processed before someone else buys it - I literally only just bought it lol) ended up with 2 Odette Swan Coords (all 4 cards for the complete thing), which is Akari's Romance Dress in Aikatsu.

Basically, I'm planning on selling one of them as I have no need for the same thing twice. I'll probably put it up on eBay, but (hypothetically) I would just like to ask how much you'd pay for the coord. I'm hardly going to put it up for like £50 or anything, as even I know that's stupidly overpriced, but I'm not sure what price I'd go for. The cards are brand new, so they've never been used - it's not like they're in really bad condition.

I was thinking around £20-£30 (probs £25), but I'd like some opinions first. Personally, I'd buy it for £25 if I saw it, but that's just me.

Thanks to anyone who replies to this, it'll help ^^

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