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  • Castiyes

    Aikatsu cards ?

    October 8, 2014 by Castiyes

    EDIT: Due to some stupid bid mix-up that led me to believe I hadn't won an auction when I actually had, causing me to buy the same thing again, I think I'm also selling the Loli Gothic (don't get on me about the stylization) Snow White Romance Dress, minus the crown accessory. Also in new condition. 

    Hey guys, so I recently (providing my order goes through ok and gets processed before someone else buys it - I literally only just bought it lol) ended up with 2 Odette Swan Coords (all 4 cards for the complete thing), which is Akari's Romance Dress in Aikatsu.

    Basically, I'm planning on selling one of them as I have no need for the same thing twice. I'll probably put it up on eBay, but (hypothetically) I would just like to ask how much you'd pa…

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  • Castiyes

    Halloween coord?

    September 28, 2014 by Castiyes

    So I came across these images on an ameblo blog last night, and it appears to be a Halloween coord. Does anyone know which coord this is? I've tried to find it in case it exists on the wiki, but I don't think it does (if it does then I'll just delete this).

    I think the new songs were temporarily available, and these coords (maybe some others) were available to rent at some special event in Japan.

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  • Castiyes

    Nendoroid Laala

    September 21, 2014 by Castiyes

    So I'm not sure if any of you are into the whole figma/nendoroid thing, and I've known about this for a while, but a nendoroid Laala is going to be released at (presumably) some point next year. My guess is Spring/Summer as it was only announced about a month ago, but who cares.

    She's going to be super cute judging by her chibi and I am so hyped!! We don't actually know what she's going to look like since the prototype (a non-colour ver. of the actual thing) hasn't even been released yet, but since she's being made by Good Smile Company (they make really awesome figures) we have nothing to worry about :D

    I've never owned a nendoroid, and I only have a couple of full-scale figures (Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew and Umi from Love Live!) , but I'm …

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