• Animehime94

    Pripara's Japanese Twitter account have revealed both of Non's teammates today.

    As we all guessed, the Natural team member has made a cameo appearance in the last episode. As for the celeb one well, I think she may arrive in this week. Usacha was shown holding someone's hands and that might be hers.

    The new team looks so cute and pretty, but I wish they had a way to keep Triangle. I mean if Non could switch her idol type depending on the song it would make the team unique!

    What do you think about this team?

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  • Animehime94

    I saw some news about arcade game on Twitter and among the pictures there was another silhouette. Could she be another new character? I don't know Katakana well so I can't tell what's written on it.

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  • Animehime94

    Edited Pripara Ending

    August 25, 2015 by Animehime94

    I was checking Doki's website for subbed Pripara episodes. I came across this news in a comment.

    Seems like Pripara's ending got a lot of complaints for showing girls in swimsuits. According to them, such scenes are "unneccessary" in a children anime. That's the real reason why Sophie's picture was "fixed" with the new one in latest episode. 

    I'm not sure about how to react. What do you think? 

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  • Animehime94

    As we know, Falulu will be re-debuting in the anime very soon. Due to that fact, some changes have been made in the anime.

    1) She is added to the latest poster of Pripara.

    2) Her description appears in characters page of the official anime website.

    3) Episode 52's opening is modified to include Falulu. 

    I was really happy when I saw those new visuals. I always wanted her to return. However, there are some points that don't make much sense to me. 

    1) What happened to the yellow girl? Will she debut or not? Even though Fuwari and Hibiki debuted, we have no official information about her. 

    2) What will Hibiki's and Falulu's idol types be? Hibiki's PriTicket was gold colored, yet his shadow was purple. Premium tickets have silver color, so I am a bi…

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  • Animehime94

    Hi all!

    I used to be one of the anonymous users of PriPara wikia, but now I got an account! This is my first blog post. Since the second season of Pripara started, something has been bothering me. 

    The Cyalume Charm is one of the features of the new season. In the first picture we can see all of the colors. As far as I know the colors stand for:

    Pink : Lovely

    Blue: Pop

    Purple: Cool

    Green: Natural

    Yellow: Celeb

    I wish there was one for Star (Falulu) but I guess she won't return. Anyway, that isn't really the point. 

    In the second picture the girls hold their Cyalume Charms. Mirei and Dorothy's charms are in a darker shade of blue, while Leona's seem much lighter (greenish). I know he is supposed to be a pop idol but... It would be interesting if he …

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