So I saw someone talking about OCs in a blog post, so I wanted to ask you guys, who would your OC be? Your OC can be any type from Pretty Rhythm, and have their own brand too. Also provide their name and zodiac sign, just because I find those really cool. You can base it on yourself, or just have a random character. Describe their appearances, and a little bit of their personality, and let's all see who has which OC! :)

BTW: the OC blog post idea comes from MikuHatsune145. Thanks for the idea! :)

My OC: (sorta based on me)

Mizuki Shirohana, a cool type idol (that sounds so generic my god)

Birthday: January 11th, Capricorn 

Preferred Brand: Snow Empress - includes lots of ice and winter motifs, often includes dresses that have shades of pale and royal blue. 

Appearance: Long, blackish-navy hair. Bright, cerulean eyes. Around 5'8, not too tall and not too short. Tall in stature, and has a regal-like aura.

Personality Tidbit: Mizuki is actually quite kind, although she may look very cold on the outside due to her brand image. However, she loves winter and she won't change her brand preference. Mizuki is very intelligent, but she sucks at math. Her favorite food are s'mores and crepes. She doesn't really smile a lot, but once you get her laughing she doesn't stop. Mizuki also has a weak body, and often drinks energizing tea to keep her strength up. She secretly loves video games.

My Second OC: Miyuki Shirohana, a sexy type idol (that also sounds generic... but this is Mizuki's twin.)

Birthday: January 11th, Capricorn

Preferred Brand: Lunar Wing - (sorta similar to Aikatsu!'s Love Queen/Love Moonrise) includes lots of moon and feather motifs. This brand's main colors are shades of purple, and white. This brand uses layers of clothing to create a gradual effect of sheer grace, along with beautiful color shading.

Apearance: Blackish-navy hair that is tied in low ponytails (much like Love Live!'s Nozomi [i love her hair my god]) with the same eyes that Mizuki does, except darker.

Personality Tidbit: Miyuki, being the older sister is just straight up serious. She's very overprotective of Mizuki, and if someone teases Mizuki, she won't hesitate to death-glare that person down. She's very nice, but hates it when someone teases another. Miyuki is very calm and regal-like. She is very good at taking care of people, as she is always taking care of Mizuki. Her favorite food is caramel ice cream.

Miyuki and Mizuki are in a unit called Moonlight (god that sounds cheesy as hell, I'm not good with unit names)

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