Hi guys.

So I am so proud of this wikia, because we've reached the amazebeans landmark of 100 pages. (and more)


Thank all of you guys, every single one of you. 

However, there are some users I would like to thank because they have spent a lot of their time on this wikia: (this is in no particular order.)

  • Mikikitty0923 - I don't regret making her an admin. At all. She and I chat sometimes, and she's a great friend and she introduced me to Monokuma, which is something I will be forever thankful for.
  • BellRose - She is a great editor, and she's really nice. I don't regret making her an admin; I don't regret any of the admins! BellRose is always on top of making new episode pages, and images. Thanks a bunch!
  • Margiie - She is also a great editor, and even if she doesn't come on that often, she's made most of the templates on this wikia, and she cleaned up our homepage into a beautiful Prism Paradise. (hehehe. You see the pun? Prism Paradise? PriPara? No? ok...) And I'm so glad that's she's an admin.
  • Passionstar - Is really nice and she helped me make the 2014 1st Live Collection Coord pages, which I was getting stressed out about. Thanks a ton!
  • SweetUnicorns123 - is working on image catagorizing, thanks a bunch! :)
  • Wyndreed - has been adding a lot of useful info to the pages recently, thank you!
  • LunarSolar - doesn't come on that often anymore, but added a lot of useful images!
  • Kaeda12 - added a bunch of the anime screenshots. Thank you, we need a lot more of those. 

Every single editor is amazebeans. Thank you for your continued interest in this wikia, and please keep editing here for months to come. Thank you soooooo much.

- Lina, Founder and Admin.

If you have anyone you would like to shout out, comment 'em below and put 'em into the limelight!

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