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Happy Birthday to the Wiki, and let's PriPara!



Hello. I'm RibbonMaster, or better known as Ribbon. I'm basically useless. Or at least I thought. I'm going to tell you a story, a story of a girl with no purpose in life. This girl was any average girl. Liked electronics, instagram, etc. But she came across a majestic place, with an Empress, and nobles. She admired this place dearly. She wanted to live there. So she packed her stuff and went. And it was the best choice she made. She became a princess, and prospered in the kingdom. Now, as you can tell, this is all a metaphor. And you probably thought it was about me, right? Well, it's not just about me. It's about you. Yes, you!

You see, I don't want this speech to be about me. I want it to be about YOU. Let me guess, you are aspiring to get to a higher ranking/ seniority on the wiki, or just want to help out or be of use, or wants to have fun, or SOME reason. And let me guess something again, there is something in your life that is bothering you. We all have something. But I can certify this, this wiki may not make you lose your problem, but my goal- no, OUR goal is for this wiki to be YOUR place where you can have a little vacation. So guess what? Make friends, have a purpose, have a goal, and embrace you inner Wikia!

Now, let me tell you some advice. There will be people in your path. Plagiarisers, vandalists, hackers, and more. But I want you to get over these walls. Why? Because YOU CAN. Don't say "But...", Just go ahead and do it. If you have made a mistake in the past, don't live in the past. You'll miss the future. We are the next generation. And now what? We embrace it. Some of the friends you make here will be life long friends. Hanui, my middle school bae. Charlotte, my other half of the power couple. Passion, my event partner (and SIF beta xD). Mikitty, my coding goddess and event team partner. Chris, my good friend, but my BEST rival. These are the people who keep me running. But they aren't the only ones. You all do too. And when I run, I want to run till the end. Because if you stop, you might just miss something great.

I am Ribbon, and I am a member of the family of the PriPara Wiki.


Okay, well. I’m not entirely sure how to start this, how to middle this, or even how to end this. There’s just too much that could be said, and too much to be said. But I’m going to give it a damn good try, because this wiki deserves it.

Let me just say first that I haven’t been here as long as the other admins - they’ve all been here more or less since the beginning of PriPara. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched PriPara from the beginning, but it never occurred to me that I could be part of a community that thrived off it. Until I was.

I joined the wiki sometime in September, after the other admins, and around the same time some pretty serious stuff was going on in my life (that I shared with Honee during a broment yesterday, actually). I found that contributing to a place that appreciated my help escape, I guess. It was comforting, and it warmed me up inside when I discovered that I was actually making a difference. Before I knew it, I was coming home from school and opening up my laptop just to check on the wiki - I found myself looking forward to editing here. I began working my way up the leaderboard without really realising it (and apparently intimidating Honee in the process), and then at some point down the road, I was asked to become an admin.

Now this was something that truly made me happy, and also slightly surprised, as I’d only been on the wiki a matter of weeks. But truth be told, it filled me with such a sense of achievement - it was something I’d wanted since my first days on the wiki. And it has been such an amazing experience, for the sheer fact that I’ve gained such good friends through it.

First off, there’s Nad (who you’ll all know as RibbonMaster, or just Ribbon [maybe even Rippun]), but we became friends long before I was promoted. She was my first solid friend that I found on the wiki, and we found each other through really trivial stuff (No D&D code page, mainly). This escalated to becoming what we like to call the Wikia Power Couple, and sharing research projects for the wikia with each other. Nad, you’re absolutely amazing, and never let anybody persuade you otherwise.

Secondly, if my timelines haven’t blurred over each other, there was Chris (Chrismh, to some of you). I never really interacted with Chris on the wiki much, as if I’m honest, she intimidated me quite a bit. Not because she was scary, or horrible, but because it was clear so many people looked up to her and held her in such high regard. Myself included. But as soon as I got Skype, we started to bond over small stuff, until we discovered we were basically separated twins. I mean, we have so much in common, and share the same opinion in just about everything. She’s so easy to talk to, and looking back, I can’t believe how I ever found her intimidating. She’s so lovely, and no wonder you guys all give her the -senpai honourific.

Thirdly, there was Hanui (Ainlina [so painful not to say Honee]), who everybody on the wiki clearly adores. She was always easy to talk to, but apparently she felt awkward talking to me for the first time (;-;). That, however, soon changed (I hope), and nowadays a day doesn’t go by where I don’t message her on Skype about something. She’s my SIF partner, and always knows how to make me smile. Plus, she’s an *amazing* founder, so you can’t really fault her on much she does. Lylas Honee.

Of course, there’s Maddie (Passion) and Magiko (Mikitty), who have both done so much for this wiki. Admittedly, I’m not as close with them at the moment as the previous three; but I can already see that changing with Maddie (Bokura wa Ima blahblahblah). And hopefully Miki, too.

(is getting totes emosh by this point)

Now I’m running out of time, as the speeches are literally going on in the tab next to mine (rhyme), and I’m really well known for rambling. So I’ll make my next bit short, but it’ll count.

This wiki has grown so much since I first joined. I’ve seen people come and go, friendships outside of my own form, and even some arguments. I’ve seen a lot on this wiki without really realising it, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t sacrifice that for the world.

We say the word “wiki”, or “wikia”, and think it’s just a website. Some website dedicated to a certain thing, some website that people can change of their own accord. But really, that’s not what a wiki is - because what makes a wiki is the people in it. A wiki is the community that fills the pages, creates the blog posts, and makes the wiki that much a better place to be in. Everybody on this wiki *is* the wiki, and I have so much to thank you for.

Thank you for creating your accounts, logging in, and making that first comment on a page/forum/blog. Thank you to my fellow admins for being such amazing people. And thank you to this wiki, for being there on all the days when it counted. Happy birthday, wiki, and here’s to many more. *fin*


This wiki has grown so much since i have joined. I joined around having 40 pages and now to 800. I first found out about pripara right when it released, as I was a huge fan of the pretty rhythm series. One day, when searching things up I found this wiki. I had no idea how to make pages or even edit on a wiki. But time pressed on and I learned a lot.

I started off making Coord pages and doing minor edits. Later uploading images, until I got too lazy to screenshot 24/7. So I just stuck to what I liked the most. Later I became an admin and got really close to this community.

In the end, we couldn't have done anything with all of you, the visitors, editors and admins. I'd like to give a special thanks to each of the admins for their spectacular jobs.

  • Ainlina ~ Best Founder Ever + Coord maker
  • Mikitty ~ Best Template/Special Project Leader/Event Coordonator
  • Charlotte ~ Best Wiki Furnisher/ Decorator/ Music Specialist
  • Ribbon ~ Best Event Coordinator/Peace Keeper
  • Chris ~ Best Description Maker

But we couldn't have worked this hard without everyone, especially the visitors who make us want to work harder. I'm glad I got to meet so many of you. I didn't think the wiki would grow this big. Probably reaching 800 pages after 3 years, but together we made things happen. I'm quite happy that we met our goals of first expanding our wiki, but also making it as big as other idol wikis. I hope everyone continues to edit as this is like our second home.




Hi everyone. I was fretting this since I didn't have nearly as much to say as everyone else, but isn't the best way to approach special things like this to just go over your feelings and put them into it? It doesn't matter if the speech isn't the longest, or even if it's the best because it still counts, just like every member here. We're all one big family and even if some of us act up or make others feel as though they can't do as much, we're all shooting for the same goal of creating a lovely, friendly, well-informed community. I adore the PriPara Wiki because even though I have known the Aikatsu Wiki longer, my idea of a perfect Wikia family had been somewhat warped there. I have friends and people I care about there, yes, but after I came here it made me realize that PriPara Wiki was a true wiki-family. I've heard many times The Aikatsu Wiki is kinda scary or The members scare me, but I can honestly say I never heard that when it came to this place.

So with that, I'd like to share how I came to this Wikia, for anyone who may wonder about it. It started when MiKitty approached the Aikatsu wikia to speak to an Admin/User who had just recently decided to go on a Hiatus of Sorts. I informed her of it, just to be a nice person, but grew curious as she and Otome were both there during that day or so. So I casually asked them about PriPara and was brought to this lovely wiki, which I quickly realized was different from the one I just happened to come by beforehand. I was quickly taken by the lovely designs and art and saw the coord pages, which I quickly wished to edit. I held back, to avoid stepping on any toes and instead I spoke to any Admin I could find by asking. When I got the okay, I went to work...

I was only a regular member here for a short time before I was upgraded to Admin status, and now that I look back at it I can hardly believe I'm now the Bureaucrat (and temporary leader in Ainlina's absense) too. I'm glad to have become someone so admired and respected in an actual community and I am also happy that everyone's hard work has made our goals reachable to begin with. Let's keep going for more and let's continue to PriPara Wiki together all the way to our next anniversary!



noun, com·mu·ni·ty often attributive

so it seems it has already been one year….

April 4th, 2014.

I was stumbling around on YouTube, just browsing around during Spring Break when I saw a video of news about PriPara, and Laala’s visual caught my eye. The first thing that popped into my head? “Dayum. Her hair is gorgeous.” These were the first thoughts that led me to make the wiki. First, I searched for an already-made PriPara Wiki, googling it, yahoo searching it, bing, anything, really. But, I couldn’t find one, so I yelled, “YOLO” in which my mother poked her head in and peered at me curiously. I made a Wiki, thinking, “dayum I know how to do none of this.” However, founding this wiki was one of the best decisions in my lifetime, and I had one goal for it.

When I first founded the Wiki, I made pages for Laala, Mirei, and Sophie. The homepage looked like a digital hoboshack, and there were no templates. At all. I was literally the scrubbiest founder of them all. I didn’t know how half the things worked, and whenever I saw the wiki’s views go up, I smiled. Then, a few editors came on in about May. One of them later became an admin, but she was later demoted due to inactivity.

About two weeks after the show aired, people started to actually notice the wiki. By then, it was scrubby af and was really bad. That was when our wiki got a wonderful rush of templates. Mikitty092393, or as I ended up calling her, Miki. She’s such a spectacular admin. After being promoted to admin, we worked in cahoots for a good month or so until… Coord pages. Fun in a way, but horrible in another. I remember slaving away and finishing one whole collection in one day. (You may think the collections are small but the older ones were huge trust me) I was chatting with Miki one day, and she told me to ask for help. You’re probably thinking, “wow so genius. WHY DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THAT EARLIER” I’m a little airheaded and flighty, so it never really came to me. I blogged about it, and Passionstar, or Passion said she’d help. She helps me with whatever weird project I decide to do, so I later asked her to be an admin, which she accepted. We’ve worked on coord pages together since 2014 1st Live Collection, and I hope we’ll continue to do so for a long time.

After we started making coord pages, the wiki’s page numbers skyrocketed and right when we had about 300, Chrismh, or Chris came on. She swooped in and did every. single. coord. description. Like holy crap wtf. how. She’s our wiki-ninja, catches everything super-quick, does descriptions before I can even ask her. She was an obvious choice for admin when she came in. I also started fangirling because I thought the Aikatsu Wiki was like a Wiki goal for all Idol Anime Wikis and finally, finally, users from there started coming on. It was a dream come true. Chris then founded the PriPara Fanon Wiki, which was pretty cool.

A little before we reached 500 pages, I decided that we might need a little more help. I talked to Passion, Chris, and Miki over email, and we had many candidates. However, we were tied for two. RibbonMaster and Castiyes, or Ribbon and Charlotte. Ribbon was one of our longtime editors, and I knew that she’d be perfect for helping out in the goal I set out to achieve. She keeps us in peace, and helps out with any and every project that comes up. Charlotte was one of the relatively newer users around that time. But, she climbed up the leaderboard. Fast. I was scared of her at first, whereas I felt nervousness (Chris and Miki) or ease (Passion and Ribbon) when I first met the other admins, but as soon as we started talking we hit it off. She makes our wiki original with designs that are happy makers, and spends countless hours searching for music files to add. She also ruined my ability to save anything, as well as my sleep schedule. But, both of them are such valuable additions to the admin squad, that I don’t regret adding them in. Ever.

Since I’ve covered the bases that hold up this site, I’ll move on to the big half-a-thousand. 500 pages. I cried when this wiki reached 500. By then, there was a community, which was my goal. Not to have a successful Wiki (but that was one part of it) but a community that could laugh, smile, love, and consider this place as a home. I wanted to make a place that people could be at ease, and talk about a topic that we all loved. I originally thought it would take a year to get 100, but dayum. 700+ and it’s been a year. I realized that I had all these people beside me, and that I’d reached it. The goal, my goal, and I hope your goal as well. About a week before this wiki reached 600 pages, I was chatting with a user on the wiki, and they said that this wiki was their home. That very phrase was so touching.

700 pages were finally a thing in February 2015. Around this time, the Wiki Event Team became a real thing and we had the PriPara Wiki Awards 2015, led and planned by Ribbon and Miki, who continued to make such captivating and enjoyable events like Project: PriPara Runway. And I suppose we come to now, the PriPara Wiki Anniversary Festival 2015. Wow. One year of PriPara.

There is one thing I am afraid of for when I leave this summer. I know the wiki will be cared for by Chris, and it’ll be cared with kindness. However, I’m honestly afraid that you all will forget about me and I don’t think I could really handle that. I mean, out of the admins, I’m the unskilled one, dull and easily forgettable. So perhaps after a week I’m gone, *poof* I’ll be forgotten. But after confessing my worries to some of the users on the wiki, they’ve reassured me that I won’t be a memory tossed away into a metal bin, which honestly, warmed me up from my little toes all the way up to my immature middle-school mindset. This place means so much to me, and this community is my soul family. My life wouldn’t be the same without this wiki, it’s just such a beautiful place.

This wiki would have never become what it was without every edit, anon, user, file, template, and most importantly, you! (you? hell yes I meant you!) I hope that you enjoy this wiki’s community as much as I do, and I hope and pray with all of my faith that this place has become your family and a home for you.

I know the word “love” is tossed around so casually, with people saying “ily” or “ilysm” a lot on chat or on texts, so it may not mean much when I say that I love every single page, picture, template, and person on this wiki. In fact, no matter how many times I write and re-write this, I can’t convey my feelings of gratitude. This wiki is the product of not just my hard work, but everyone’s. This wiki has truly become what I set out to be. A community, a family, and most importantly, a home.

Thank you for editing here, and I hope you will continue to edit here with us.

And with that, I would like to wish the PriPara Wiki a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to youuu,

Happy Birthday dear Wiki,

Happy Birthday to youuuuu.

Honorable Mentions


  • Halo1081 - biggest help in translating, and basically everything
  • IchibanHoshii - nice and loyal bae
  • LoveAiraHarune - active, well-known, and future leader.


(DAMN IT HONEE COULDN'T YOU HAVE WAITED NOW I HAVE TO EDIT THIS IN MYSELF) ((messed up the format as well, charizard. - honee)) (((Visual Editor doesn't agree with me ok leave me alone - Charizard)))((((u wan beef, scrub? breeng eet. - honee))))

Honourable mentions: ALL OF YOU. I asked for more time to do this, so I could think of some users that stood out. Maybe did more than the rest, or are just generally amazing to be around. But I couldn’t. I mean, I literally sat here thinking “damn”, because I my mind was just blank. Because I see you all equally. Because all of you contribute so much to the wiki, in all of your own different ways...I couldn’t possibly find some that did more than the rest. All of you: IchibanHoshii, AngelicMoonlight, OtomeRainbow, LoveAiraHarune, Inuyasha-titan, EmberPrismDX, DivinitasX, Halo1081, Wyndreed, Yamato 01, Williukea, Alkamas, Winxgirl34, Mindado, Rainbow-Dream (although inactive), GanbareHannahChan, DreamareSakuraKinomoto, AnimeCat245, Jo SHININGSTAR, AguriiMadoka...all of you (I’m fully aware I’ve missed people but that was the best my memory could do). Thank you so much for making the wiki what it is now.


  • Halo1081 - for being an amazing translator
  • RainbowDream - despite being inactive right now she has helped me alot with coord pages when I was out of it and thanks to her I'm back
  • Abcioh - because she always uploads the episode screenshots everyweek and I am thankful for that






My user appreciations are not for admins, because they should know how swaggy they are already, so I have a few users who I’d really like to thank for all of their hard work. I adore every single user on the wiki, but three of them have been with us for a while now, and their contributions aren’t easily noticed, but the things they do make an impact, whether it be in the community or in the editing side of the wiki. I know I can always count on these users to be here for the wiki.

  • IchibanHoshii - Dear Sophie, I didn’t really know you that well at first, but after many tidbits of chat on forum posts, blogs, and small interactions on chat, I realized that you were hella nice, and now we’re friends. If you’re feeling embarrassed by this, I’ll find something else to focus on… “like a rock.” Even when I first met you, I knew you had a sensible unbiased opinion from the start, so I was glad you came. You’ve been contributing for a long time now, and I hope you’ll keep working hand in hand with us, the community and the wiki.
  • Snowflakes519 - Dear Snowflakes, when we first met, I didn’t have the foggiest idea that you were a boy. We didn’t know your gender, but fear not, we puzzled over Ribbon’s gender before she was an admin as well. (sorry Nad) You didn’t edit much, but I know that you’d be there if we asked for your help. Also, you’re so creative! I’ve seen your stuff on the Fanon Wiki, and you have gorgeous coords, and your fanmade PriTickets are to die for. I hope you’ll stick with us for years to come, and keep being such a bright part of this wiki’s community!
  • Wyndreed - Dear Wyndreed, you were the second person to ever volunteer for coord pages, but when you volunteered, Passion and I had already finished our fill, so you never did get a chance to help out. However, I’m sure that you’ll get a chance when I leave for the summer; I bet Passion will be looking for lots of help around then. Anyways, coord pages aren’t something that everyone volunteers to do, and the fact that you commented on a hella old blog post just to see if you could help was really nice of you. Out of the users that I’m mentioning, you joined the earliest, having joined in July. You edited little things that other people didn’t catch, and sometimes we need that type of skill. Anyways, thank you for what you did, and I hope you’ll continue to edit here and be a part of our community.
  • AguriiMadoka - Dear Agurii, I sort of thought you were really stoic and quiet, much like a college student on midterms. You’ve edited here and there for a long time, and that does really mean a lot, even if you only stop by once in awhile and help out with translations. You’ve been more active nowadays, which led to us having an emoji war, which led me to realize that you weren’t scary. Thank you for translating and adding important little tidbits here and there. Even if they’re small edits, they always make a notable change. You’re super-smart, and I hope you’ll continue to edit at this wiki and continue to be a part of this community.
  • Halo1081 - Dear Halo, I was reeeeeeeeeally scared of you. However, after hearing Chris talk about you in such a good-natured light, I guess I sort of realized you weren’t really scary at all. The moment I realized when you weren’t scary and that you were hella chill was after the egg hunt in the chat room, when me and charlotte were having a gang fight. You said “*eats snacks while reading this conversation*” which is something that I myself would have said. And I consider myself not very scary. I knew originally that you were nice, but I was too afraid to find out. Since the Aikatsu Wiki is huge, and the admins there are like overlords, I was just afraid I guess. Anyways, I’d like to thank you for always helping me with translations. I’m not too good at Japanese; I can barely carry a conversation. I hope an overlord that eats snacks will find time in their busy overlording-schedule to be a part of this wiki for a long time. xD
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