hihi, this blog post is for all the Love Live! fans at this wiki.

Sorry to anyone who doesn't really like things that aren't PriPara related lmao

I know there are a decent number of us here, and I realized that I totally forgot to tell you guys about a YouTube chorus I'm in for Love Live, and we're called Miracle μ's! Please check us out!

I'm Alice, and I voice Hoshizora Rin for the chorus. I've also got a personal cover channel, but I don't like either of the covers I've got posted. However, I've got three covers that need to be mixed, and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

So far, we've got Start: Dash!!, our debut song, as well as two sub-unit songs for Printemps and BiBi, while Lily White's is the next to come up.

Here's the link to our channel:  

Also, links to Miracle Muse's various social media:

And links to my YouTube:

Just shoot me a tweet or a DM if you want me to follow you back on Twitter or Instagram!

Also, if anyone's got any song requests from any anime, like Aikatsu, PriPara, or Love Live, just leave me a message and if I like your suggestion I'll give it a go! 

I hope you enjoy the channel!

\o/ Hanui/Ainlina \o/ (talk) 06:29, September 14, 2015 (UTC)

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