Hi all! I posted a similar post to this a while ago and had no response :( but it's still here if you'd like to read. Either way, I have sad news - two members of Purizims have decided to leave us. Both are on this wiki but I'd prefer to keep them anonymous to save time.

Their set roles were Cosmo and Dorothy. Now, we don't need a Cosmo right this minute because our Cosmo that has left kindly agreed to do a final cover of Your 100% Life so for Season 1 we are good (we do one season at a time) and the role will join the S2 auditions list.

Dorothy, on the other hand is another story. The girl who voices Leona in the group has been struggling for a while with her set role, and since the Dorothy position is now open, she has asked to move into that role, which I am more than happy to allow.

That's not important though.

The main thing is that we need a Leona. So I am opening up auditions, and to save time in video making, I thought I'd check here.

All you have to do is sing a sample of any PriPara song in a similar likeness to Leona that's at least a minute long and email it to us at so that we can find our Leona!

We also still need mixers so please speak up if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!

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