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Idol Teams I wish existed

Hibiki, Gaaruru, Pepper

  • The Celeb-Lovely-Natural Idol Combo is a really good combination. It is also the combination of Tricolore. Gaaruru is a substitute for Falulu, and Pepper for Fuwari. It'll probably be called Offcolore, but I have a more interesting name. First, there is a theory about how dragons are the greatest predator, for they are a combination of the three problems of early primates: The Lions, The Eagles, and The Snakes. The primates were chased up the trees by the snakes that slither on the ground. They could not stay at the lower branches because the large cats slept there, and could get there easily, so they moved further to the top. At the top were the eagles who flew high above the trees, and would occasionally perch on the top, so they also could not stay there. I could see the same thing for this team. Hibiki, a top idol prodigy who soars above everyone with ease, is the eagle, also Hibiki performed the Fairy Change. Pepper actually sleeps on trees, and her spirit animal is a lion. Gaaruru is down on the ground, literally, she was born being the worst singer and dancer, also theres the thing with Gaajira. So a name could be related to a dragon.

Hibiki, Cosmo, Ajimi

  • I found it funny at first, then I found reasons to justify it later. Hibiki would argue with Non about something, be it sentence enders(the entire Trinagle, and Chiri to an extent), Hibiki placing dead last on Non's list, but most likely Non insulting the older Idols. Hibiki would challange NonSugar to a duel, and Non would reply with something about how NonSugar is the Rock, Paper and Scissors, and will be able to handle anything. Non, Chiri, and Pepper will throw out the Rock, Paper and Scissors, and Hibiki will throw out a gun, like in Liar is the Beginning of Tommorow. Non would protest about how that's not fair, and Hibiki would say something about how the world is a lie, and to date this post Non would replay with "Ok Boomer". Hibiki would form with the two oldest Idols that are not Spirits of Night and Day, Retired, or Godesses. The team will be called UCCHARI BIG BOOM because Boomer, and UCCHARI BIG BANG.

Asahi, Leona, Nino

  • I'm telling my children that this is Bell Rose. Asahi has basically the same hair as Bell. Leona is basically Otoha, but without the skills in tea, flowers, or the other stuff Otoha does. Nino has green hair, and radiates the same energy as Wakana.

Hibiki, Fuwari, Pepper

  • They all have a flower representing them: Casablanca, Margaret, and King Protia respectively. Hibiki is the og Kaito Genius, Fuwari wore the clothes and became Kaito Natural, and Pepper stole all the managers. They all have flowers to leave, and they steal.

Favorite Idol Teams that exist

  • Doromageddon ・ Hi

Those three are all tsunderes. It has Dorothy, Hibiki, and Aroma, and those are straight up wack characters. They are also the team that I believe is the most like the legendary Saints. Hibiki and Naru basically have the same name, her Making Drama is a lot like Mia's jump, which both jump up to destroy something, and appears in stained glass at one point. Aroma's pose during the "Switch On" is like Naru's 100% Pure Pure Arrow, and her Making Drama also involves the statue of Sonata/Prism Goddess, just like the time Naru brought back the Prism's Sparkle. Aroma also does clothes just like Aira. Dorothy, like Mia, has an obsession with a number, wants to defeat someone(Hibiki in S2, Aria in DMF), and `Dorothy calls herself sexy, while Mia is a Sexy type idol.

  • Oshishi

Dressing Pafé, period. Not only does it include the names of Dressing Pafé members, but the meaning makes just as much sense as Dressing Pafé. It incorporates the brands that Dressing Pafé uses, being Fotune Party and Baby Monster, which can be neen in the Oshishi, or Foo Dog.

  • Tricolore

It's Tricolore.

Favorite Idols of each type


  • Shion
    1. Shio-poyo, period.
  • Aroma
    1. She looks good in the Gorgeous Pearl Coord, and I saw an image online of her wearing a version of the  Magical☆Star coords
  • Chiri
    1. She was originally Lovely
    2. I would like to define this Chiri as the one with green hair because I think that one looks good in the Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord, and the Chiri that appears in Episode 1 of Season 3 looks better in Dear Crown coords imo


  • Ajimi Kiki
    1. She's a nice twist on the on the onee-chan trope(the one that says "あらあら"), and the shota in the relationship would be Hibiki. She has nice aesthetic
  • The West Twins
    1. They are the West Twins
  • Nino
    1. Sports
    2. Nice song
    3. Moe


  • Can't think of any
    1. My standards are DJ COO, and Mion
    2. All the Cool Idols I like are Lovely


  • There are literally none


  • Pepper
  1. Sapanna
  2. Moe
  3. If the Pretty Rhythm system of Idol Typings , Sunny Zoo feels to be more of a Sexy, instead of a Ethnic


  • All of them
  1. They are Jews(no offense)
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