aka a currently semi-active rollbacker

  • I live in America
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Chinese drama fan, being the top in academics.
  • I am Female
Shion Gold Airy
Kanji 琴爪 ユリカ (Used Google Translate to make this)
Rōmaji Yurika Kotozume(made up name)
Also Known As Silver
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 11
Height 61.5 inches (I think)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student

Idol Anime Fan

Affiliation Middle School Student
Personal Status
Relatives My Laptop (practically my sister)
Voice Actors
Japanese Myself

Hello! I'm SilverDays16, but feel free to call me Silver, since it's a nickname that I was given.=D I'm on here every single day and I'm an active member of Image Gallery Organization. It's not my main job, but I know how to create userboxes, as you can see below, I created different userboxes with different images and created a few for songs. If you want to request a userbox, I can create it for you. If you need any help or just want to chat, feel free to leave a message on my wall~

About Me

  • I am currently a super active user on this wikia.
  • I am currently working on character image galleries mostly.
  • I know how to create userboxes due to help from a friend.
  • I know how to proficiently color code.
  • I am a huge fan of Shion, Dorothy, and Mirei.
  • Episode 16 aired on my birthday in 2014.
  • Episode 118 aired on my birthday in 2016.
  • The Biggest Paradox was released on my birthday in 2017.
  • I am currently a sixth grader (unfortunately).
  • I keep go pieces (obviously I know how to play go as well) near me just like Shion.(I started doing this even before I watched PriPara.)
  • I can speak, listen, and read a little Japanese but don't know how to write Japanese.
  • I can speak, write, and read Chinese, Cantonese, and English fluently.
  • I'm basically on this wikia every single day. (unless my wifi doesn't work which happened for 3 times already including the lastest one on 2/22/18)
  • I've been a PriPara fan since September 2017. XD (Is this unbelievable? To me it is since most PriPara fans here have been fans of this anime for a long time.)

Animes I've watched (In order of when I watched them)

My Favorite Characters

  1. Shion Todo
  2. Dorothy West
  3. Mirei Minami
  4. Leona West
  5. Chiri Tsukikawa
  6. Nino Nijiro
  7. Junon
  8. Janice
  9. Laala Manaka
  10. Shuuka Hanazono

My Favorite Brands

  1. Baby Monster
  2. Rosette Jewel
  3. Dear Crown
  4. Coco Flower
  5. Rich Venus

My Favorite Units

  1. Dressing Pafe
  2. Triangle
  3. SoLaMi Dressing
  4. SoLaMi Smile
  5. Tricolore

My Favorite Songs

  1. Change My World
  2. No D&D Code
  3. Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
  4. Absolute Life Of A Final Show Girl
  5. Make It!
  6. Realize
  7. Dream Parade
  8. Mable Make Up A-Ha-Ha
  9. Solar Flare Sherbet
  10. Twin Mirror Compact


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