aka Nadia/リボンマスター

  • I live in Things, California
  • My occupation is Occupied
  • I am Awesome
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Hi Minna! I am an admin on wiki, so feel free to ask me anything!

I love anime, so it only makes sense to be an editor. I want to thank everyone who works so hard to contribute any wiki.

I also LOVE to draw.

I admin some other wiki's, too!

I am also an admin on the PriPara Fanon Wiki, so check that out.

I know a little bit of japanese (but not writing) so if you can give me something in romaji I can try to translate it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.18.15 PM
Also Known As LE PUN MASTER (try me bro)
Physical and Vital Information
Race vaccuum
Gender fum
Age chum
Height i ain't tellin u nuthin
Hair Color a pear….

………… …………. of i don't care

Professional Statistics
Occupation Professional PriPara Fan
Affiliation PriPara Fanon Wiki

Aikatsu Wiki

Personal Status
Anime That is not my job
Voice Actors
Japanese リボンマスター

Idol/Character Ranking

1. Yurika Todo (I FREAKING LUV HER SO DO NOT JUDGE), I know she is a Aikatsu! character, but she is awesome.

2. Mirei

3. Shion

4. Aroma

5. Dorothy

6. Sophie

7. Laala

8. Leona

Stuff About Me

  • I did 30-ish edits as an anonymous wiki contributor on the PriPara wiki
  • I love anime
  • I love food
  • I am a unicorn #teamsuper
  • Um other stuff
  • I'm more of a wiki viewer (it was my thing in the past) but I realised I had so much to share so I just went forth. Sadly, some people beat me to it. But now I'm here! YAYYYYYYYYY
  • I have done every original episode synopsis/summary (whatever you want to call it) on the PriPara wiki so far

-Someone beat me to episode 13! Aw man, but its kk. Lol. I was literally watching the episode when they were typing it.

  • I am an admin

Fav Anime

Sword Art Online

PriPara (duh)


Love Live!

Pretty Cure

Vampire Night

Rosen Maiden

Attack on Titan (Levi is da bae)


Sailor Moon

Dangan Ronpa

Lucky Star

Strawberry Marshmellow


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