aka Nashiko AKA Sophie's Biggest Fan! Pshu..

  • I live in Tokyo
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Going to school and watching Anime and worshipping Sophie!!!
  • I am Female
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Hi!!! Me love Sophie!!! I'm Nashiko, and I live in Tokyo. These are other animes I love, Magic Kaito, Detective Conan, Yaiba, Deathnote, Mirai Nikki, Black Butler, Mononoke, Totoro, Laputa, Sailor Moon, Rosairio+Vampire, Souleater, Naisuciaa, Starry Sky, Hiraku no Go and others I'm too LAZY to type. My fav units are dressing pafe, Solami Smile, and any thing with SOPHIE-SAMA!!!!!!

Well, thats what I live for, Peoples.
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My character ranking:

  1. SOPHIE!!! TOO KAWAII!!!!! **sings, ai obairu taiyou no FLARE SHERBET!!!**
  2. Leona= sweet kind BEAUTIFUL
  3. Dorothy: cool, smart and like myself (just more attractive)
  4. Mirei: PRI!!!! Enough said.
  5. Hibiki sama is cool and amore-worthy
  6. Shion- cool fearless AND reckless
  7. Non=kawaii
  8. Laala- kawaii+crazy+idol=awesome, but kinda weird
  9. Garuru- cute and good singer
  10. Pepper- pretty, cute, sweet, loving
  11. Falulu- meh?
  12. Mikan- kind of annoying
  14. Jewlie/Jelulu- don't like the song girl's fantasy. Jelulu is cute.
  15. Junon/ Pinon/ Kanon- Ummmmmm... kinda scary??? 3 people at the same time!
  16. Fuwari-hated her until she joined tricolore
  17. Chiri- NONONONONONO!!!
  18. Ajimi- Me. No. Like. At. All.
  19. Yui- What the hell? AVOCADO ACADEMY!!!???
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My favorite pages

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  • Pripara-Episode 12 Screen Shot 36
    Pripara-Episode 12 Screen Shot 36
    Shion Todo
  • Sophie Hojo
  • Leona West
  • Dorothy West
  • Faruru Bokerdole
  • Laala Manaka
  • Mirei Minami
  • Nanami Shirai
              • Lion NOT
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