aka chungu

  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is loving mao
Hi! My name is Hanabi! I love Pripara! It's probably the third ever anime i've ever watched lol.

Some of my fav animes/mangas:

  • Pripara
  • Precure
  • Aikatsu/Stars
  • Pretty Rhythm
  • King of Prism
  • Yuri!!! On ice
  • Pokemon
  • Tsurezure Children
  • Namaikizakari
  • Pokemon Special
  • Love Live!
  • Zero Point Idol
  • Chasing The Sun
  • I Hate Love
  • Kakao 79%
  • Free!
  • Idolm@ster
  • Too many more that i can't type :P.............


My Top 5 in order:

  • Mirei (priiiiiii) - Ever since the first ep, i've always liked her. I find her kind of relateable+ Shiomirei 100%
  • Garuru
  • Chiri
  • Reona
  • Dorothy
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