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  • My occupation is Student
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Hi!!!! I'm Passionstar. If you need help or want to help, just message me on my wall. If any problems I can try to help sort it out together. I love to talk to new wiki users.

My Job

  • Checking for grammatically mistakes (always)
  • Adding coord pages (every few times in a month when a new release of coord)
  • Updating episode information (sometimes)
  • Adding Episode Screenshots (I try my best)
  • Adding categories to photos (use to do it a lot but now lazy and busy).
  • Updating the Main page

My Character Summaries

Laala Manaka: Love her normal and idol form and love her clumsiness and cluelessness

Mirei Minami: Love her normal form so much... Love that ponytail!!!!!

Sophie Hojo: Love her amazing cool normal mode and Fancy mode for the win ~pshhhhh!

Cosmo Hojo: Amazing designer and cosmic amazing. but so glad she had a performance.

Faruru: Rinne + June feel very mysterious and is amazing performance. Totally a robot is confirmed. I actually really like her new form, it is fab.

Nao: generic best friend that eventually gets ignored, but i still love her hair #sofab. Finally got her Pri Ticket back!!! Wanna see her preform with Laala.

Usagi: Evil, slave driver!!! Well he at least looks fab. Gotten nicer?

Kuma: Love his costume change but weird appeal to young pretty girls?

Sophie's Fan Club: I love only Sadako and Janko but they are so dedicated to Sophie

Shion: Cool Aira hair but gothic style = bae, dont like her voice, hopefully i get use to it (now love her voice)

Dorothy: she wants revenge on mirei for being booted, l think she is kinda annoying sometimes

Leona: I actually love leona way more then i thought, she has an ayami like personality and love her voice actress

Gloria: Huge obsession over her fab hair and Rina her vacuum!!! and she randomly talks about Papa's Pasta + now an idol with Laala's mom

Non: Needs an idol role or more important

Aroma: pretty tired of this devil and angel theme. But her character is actually really good and mysterious.

Mikan: Love her design so far. Hope she is as cute as her design. She is so energetic and cute!! Some may hate her voice but i think its cute

Fuwari: She is pretty generic.

Hibiki: the new Achiche Kintaro he seems so evil but has some sort of reason that they will explain later.

Favorite Brand

  1. Marionette Mu (Amazing coords, so frilly and princessy)
  2. Twinkle Ribbon (i love ribbons and frills)
  3. Dreaming Girl (so cute and beautiful)
  4. Silky Heart (very cute clothing)
  5. Brilliant Prince (very majestic and beautiful)
  6. Holic Trick (i love romantic themes)
  7. Coco Flower (The ethnc clothing is pretty cood)
  8. Candy Alamode (candy and yumz)
  9. Fortune Party (i love the matching coord for dorothy and leona)
  10. Pretty Rhythm/ Prism Stone (memories)
  11. Baby monster (i enjoyy the scary and punk based themes)
  12. Holic Trick Classic (not tooo original)

Favorite Songs

Usually the Songs eventually go to the bottom of my list cause I will get bored of them.

  1. Realize
  2. Dream Parade
  3. Reversible Ring
  4. Love Friend Style
  5. 0 Week Old
  6. Change my World
  7. Solar Flare Sherbet (sophie singing so epicly)
  8. Happy Pa Lucky
  9. Make It
  10. No D&D Code
  11. Prism Paradise
  12. Marble Make Up A Ha Ha
  13. Miracle * Paradise
  • Notice I don't really listen to (PriPara Songs much anymore)

Watched Anime Shows

  • Pripara (obviously)
  • Pretty Rhythm (Prism King is so amazing!!!)
  • Aikatsu
  • Pokemon
  • Digimon (Digimon Adventure Tri is soooo good)
  • Pretty Cure
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
  • Attack on Titan (Team Levi!!)
  • Fairy Tail
  • Love Live (I love ELI~chan)
  • Akame ga Kill
  • Ojamajo Doremi
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
  • Fate/Zero
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
  • Haikyuu
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
  • Aikatsu Stars

Favorite Games

  • Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons/ Rune Factory
  • Pokemon (i wanna have OMEGA RUBY AND ALPHA SAPPHIRE)
  • Bravely Default (waiting for bravely second)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (GOT XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X)
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Kirby (I <3 food)
  • Earthbound (Mother series, I NEEDA ANOTHER GAME)
  • Fire Emblem (loved New Awakening and excited for Fates)

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