Lillie Nijiiro
Also Known As Lillieeee
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 144cm
Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student/Procrastinator
Affiliation Black Squadron
Personal Status
Voice Actors

Favorite PriPara Characters

  1. Laala Manaka
  2. Non Manaka
  3. Mikan Shiratama
  4. Pepper Taiyou
  5. Mirei Minami
  6. Ajimi Kiki
  7. Shion Todo
  8. Sophie Hojo
  9. Chiri Tsukikawa
  10. Leona
  11. Dorothy
  12. Hibiki

PriPara Merch I have

Laala's premium Cylamue Charm

Laala's Priticket bag

PriPara merch I want

Neon Drop PriTicket Bag

Non's Costume

Some facts about meh

I was born on the day Eminem, the rapper was born.

I have a fear of snails

I am addicted to Hershey chocolates, so slam a message on my wall if you like them!

I am nit picky about spelling and grammar

Favorite Coords

Image Gallery

Most of them have Lovely Type Idols xD

Me when my friends don't find my after hide and seek.

I just looooooooooooooove to cartwheel

Me when I have my favorite breakfast



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