aka h

  • I live in not pripara parajuku
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is trainwreck
  • I am a mahoutsukai precure stan first and a human second

i'm gli, and dressing pafe has proclaimed themselves as the best team so its true. love those idols

was making pages for all of the missing arcade/3ds exclusives (3 left, free dreamin', tokimeki days and hibiki's christmas medley) but kinda stopped. may or may not get back to that sometime soon. i also want to get full lyrics up for the arcade exclusives for the ones that have longer versions but sadly im lazy

i used to b active on social media but it was negatively affecting me so i am no longer active on any of the accounts i used to be on (except this but im mostly here to do song translations n stuff)

Also Known As Glinkling
Physical and Vital Information
Species human, i sure hope
Gender who needs it?
Height not sure
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color also brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives every single garbage can in my school
Voice Actors
Japanese a yelling frog

favorite coords in no particular order

favorites (in no particular order)

  • Idols: nino, garara, mia, dorothy, hibiki, gaaruru, and reona
  • songs: every single dressing pafe song, accha koccha game, kakkin buddy, starlight carnival, and arigatou gomen ne mata ashita
  • seiyuu: zucchan/azuki shibuya. outside of voicing one of my favorites, she's pretty cool, doing modeling for kinglymask and designing the costumes for shining star. also, her solo song on wonderful palette is easily the best solo. update : shes also pan!! its very good to know that a seiyuu who was already one of my favorites is part of the lgbt community
  • brands: brilliant prince, neon drop and fortune party
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