aka Charlotte

  • I live in my bed
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is SIF
  • I am a girl
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Idol trash, avid UmiEli shipper, and Umi Sonoda enthusiast.

Somehow I'm also an admin, but I promise I'm a really friendly person; so if you need help with anything then my wall is always open ^^

What I do here

CSS coding.

Music start nya

Design the visual stuff - or, at least, attempt to. I made the current background and wordmark, anyway.

Upload audio files to there respective pages (although sometimes I'm too busy to do it straight away, so others beat me to it ;-;). Thanks to a friend, I managed to get the whole custom-audio-table thing on this wiki in the first place.

Rendering (removing any form of background from an image). If there are any that need doing, feel free to ask me. :3

Other general editing (merchandise images, latest PriPara news, grammar/spelling checks etc.).

Get annoyed when people constantly compare PriPara and Pretty Rhythm.

My current top anime


Show By Rock!!

The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls

Love Live! School Idol Project (Umi daaaa)

SIF Corner

School Idol Tomodachi account.

All of my details can be found here - I play the EN version. I play JP too, but not so much.

Pripara Shion Edit 180x180 This user loves Shion Todo!
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