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'''Currently on semi-hiatus until June 20th due to exams'''
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I like idol anime for no apparent reason. Avid UmixEli shipper.

Somehow I'm also an admin, but I promise I'm a really friendly person; so if you need help with anything then my wall is always open ^^

What I do here

CSS coding.

Music start nya

Design the visual stuff - or, at least, attempt to. I made the current background and wordmark, anyway.

Upload audio files to there respective pages (although sometimes I'm too busy to do it straight away, so others beat me to it ;-;). Thanks to a friend, I managed to get the whole custom-audio-table thing on this wiki in the first place.

Rendering (removing any form of background from an image). If there are any that need doing, feel free to ask me. :3

Other general editing (merchandise images, latest PriPara news, grammar/spelling checks etc.).

Get annoyed when people constantly compare PriPara and Pretty Rhythm.

My current top anime


Show By Rock!!


Love Live! School Idol Project (Umi daaaa)

Pokemon XY (99% sure I'm only watching it for Serena now tbh)

Idol Ranking (Top 13 - as of 18.01.15)

  1. Umi Sonoda
  2. Sophie Hojo / Shion Todo / Eli Ayase
  3. Maki Nishikino / Mizuki Kanzaki / Yurika Tōdō (Mizuki will always be the top idol - sorry Ichigo die-hards)
  4. Juri Kurebayashi
  5. Sumire Hikami
  6. Kotori Minami
  7. Laala Manaka
  8. Hanayo Koizumi
  9. Rin Hoshizora
  10. Leona West
  11. Honoka Kousaka
  12. Akari Ōzora
  13. Sakura Kitaōji

SIF Corner

School Idol Tomodachi account.

All of my details can be found here - I play the EN version. I play JP too, but not so much.

Pripara Shion Edit 180x180 This user loves Shion Todo!
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