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Hello! I am Esin, 20 years old. English Literature undergraduate student! I live in Turkey. Both in real life and on internet, I am a bit shy about making friends. I might seem cold since I don't start chats often, but I really treasure my friends. It's just I am afraid of bothering / annoying them. I also have leg weakness, which is a kind of disability. Due to that, it is harder for me to go out and socialize. I still can't figure out what to do when I encounter new people.
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I am not so sure about my personality either... I feel like I don't really fit in anything. I love cute things and bright colors. I am pretty childish. I feel helpful and angelic at those times. However, I also like dark colors and wish to become more cool / confident like Aroma so I often struggle about these opposites. If I was a Pripara character, I would probably be someone between Mikan and Aroma (personality).
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I love music, and I have a mixed taste in music. I listen cute anime songs, pop, rock and metal. It completely depends on my mood. I can write lyrics and compose them if I feel like it. If I can get proper music education, I want to debut someday! So that everyone can hear me, and I can inspire them to fullfil their dreams! (My name means "inspiration" so I believe that I was born to inspire / lead people in some way!)

Another big dream of mine is travelling the world. I want to see different places and meet with new people. I want to be helpful to them in a way I can. I often feel like I'm useless, but I'm sure that I will be much better as I go on.

I often watch anime series. My favorite genres are magic and music. I dislike ordinary things. It MUST have some fantastic and out of world elements. Otherwise I get very bored~

Pripara is the best anime I have ever seen. It is unique in every way. Every character have good appearances and their own characteristics. My favorites are Lala, Sophie, Falulu, Aroma and Mikan. I really love them.

I have been a huge supporter and fan of Pripara ever since the very first episode. I watch every episode as soon as they come out. I also watch them with subtitles. I never get bored while watching it ^_^ If I lived in Japan I wouldn't come back from playing the arcade game T.T

I am not very active in the wiki because there are many features that I don't know. As I learn them, I will try to be more active. Nice to meet you everyone! ^_^

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