aka alice

  • I live in idol hell.
  • My occupation is procrastinating oops
  • I am a girl

Hello, my name is alice/Ainlina, and I was the person who founded this wikia.

I've stepped down from my admin position due to the fact that I just don't feel motivated to keep up with the series itself, but I did have quite a wonderful time here while it lasted :')

If you have any questions or concerns about the wikia, please contact an admin! All of their pages can be found on the Admins Page, linked here.

To every user on the wikia, thank you for keeping this site so lively and informational! I really didn't see this coming when I did start the series- and while I may not be into the series now, it still means so much to me that there's such a thriving community here

thank you so much for helping this wikia thrive. 

Ainlina, signing off! \o/ - 09.14.2016

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