Usagi render 03
Kanji ウサギ
Rōmaji Usagi
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Blue (fur)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Helper
Personal Status
Relatives Usacha (Younger sister)
Anime Episode 02 - You Can't Break a Promise, Pri!
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuma Terashima

Usagi (Birthname: Will Michael Georges Sandrelli Mezza Bonjour Francois Girgil Je T'aime the Fourth) is a mascot character in PriPara. He manages Shion's, Dorothy's, and Leona's PriPara team - Dressing Pafé and was the previous manager of Sophie Hojo.


Usagi is a fluffy, periwinkle-colored rabbit, who has white fur around the nose/mouth areas on his face. On his ears are red diamond patterns, with an 'X' striking through them. Black sunglasses are always atop his head, and he wears a red tie with another black 'X' around his neck. He is seen to have a purple cotton tail, and yellow wings.


Usagi is somewhat easygoing - and during his time as Sophie's manager, he seemed to be very proud of her; when in reality, he was just using her in order to fulfill his goal of becoming the top manager. He is also very judgmental, and extremely boastful - he rubbed it in other managers' faces that Sophie was better than most of their idols. Because of his huge ego, he didn't want anyone else to find out about Sophie's Fancy Mode, as he believed it would ruin his career.

Later, he hired Dressing Pafé, and consequently became very boastful of them since they made an amazing debut. It is unknown whether he still cares for his former idol Sophie.

Usagi tends to add "~usa" to the end of his sentences.


  • Sophie Hojo - he was formerly Sophie's PriPara manager, until she left him to form SoLaMi♡SMILE. He thinks Sophie is useless in her Fancy Mode.
  • Kuma - Kuma and Usagi are rivals; whoever can produce the better idol wins.
  • Shion Todo - After Usagi is ditched by Sophie, he manages a three person unit with Shion, Leona and Dorothy.
  • Dorothy West - Dorothy and Usagi share vengeful feelings to SoLaMi♡SMILE, as Dorothy and Leona were cast away by them for Sophie. After Usagi is ditched by Sophie, he manages a three person unit consisting of Shion, Leona and Dorothy.
  • Leona West - After Usagi is ditched by Sophie, he manages a three person unit with Shion, Leona and Dorothy.
  • Neko - He and Kuma both fall in love with her and occasionally get their fortunes told at her bar.
  • Usacha - Usacha is his younger sister. Right now there are siblings rivalry between those two.


Usagi (ウサギ)::Literally translates to rabbit.


  • It seems that Kuma is the only one that knows Usagi's real name.
    • Likewise, Usagi was the only one to originally know Kuma's full real name. 
  • Usagi shares the same Japanese voice actor with Otoya Ittoki from Uta no Prince Sama.
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