Physical and Vital Information
Species Mascot
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Pink (fur)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot
Personal Status
Relatives Usagi (older brother)
Anime Episode 49 - That's My Little Sister
Voice Actors
Japanese Sumire Morohoshi

Usacha (Birthname: Wendy Cottontail La Pyonquiche Sappho Beatrix Charming Je T'aime) is a student and manager-in-training at the Mascot Academy and the younger sister of Usagi. As of season 3, she is now a manager and manages the idol unit, Triangle.


Usacha takes the appearance of a small, pink baby bunny with little ears, yellow wings, and large, sparkly eyes. She has a little heart-shaped bow-like accessory, and two bows on the back of her ears. Like her brother, she has the argyle patterns on her ears and bow, but instead of the lines crossing through diamonds, they cross through hearts. She is noted for being very cute and according to Dorothy, she looks nothing like Usagi.


As a young mascot, Usacha still notably has quite a bit to learn. Despite that, she's very inquisitive and wants to learn as much as she can. She holds a deep level of respect and admiration for Usagi and idolizes him as the perfect older brother and greatest mascot which caused Usagi to want to appear as incredible as she saw him. She's very innocent and a bit gullible, but is very well-meaning, obedient, and earnest nonetheless.


Usagi - Her older brother who she loves and idolizes deeply. She wishes to become a manager as great as him one day and sees him as someone who does no wrong. Because of this and her own general innocence, when she saw his attraction to Neko, she was deeply hurt as her image of him being the perfect older brother and mascot was crushed. However, with Laala's help, she was able to understand that despite Usagi's faults and the bad points of his personality, he works hard for Usacha's sake and loves her very much.

Junon - She is Junon's PriPara manager.

Pinon - She is Pinon's PriPara manager.

Kanon - She is Kanon's PriPara manager.


Usacha (ウサチャ) - usa (ウサ) is a shorter and often endearing term of the word "usagi" which means rabbit thus the word can be translated as "bunny". Cha (チャ) has no meaning, but the chi character (チ) refers to something small or quick.


  • Possibly a result of her young age, in addition to it being her verbal tic, Usacha tends to use "cha" in place of certain word endings like saying "Hajimemacha" (はじめまチャ) instead of "Hajimemashite" (はじめまして lit. It's nice to meet you).
  • She shares the same voice actress with Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu.
  • She was revealed to be Triangle's manager in Episode 92.
  • She is the second major Season 3 character to be shown in the anime, the first being Non.


Official Art

Episode 49

OP 7: Ready Smile!!

Episode 92

Episode 94 - Come on, come on ・ Kanon!

Episode 98 - Playing Three Roles Alone Is Hard!

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