Unique Kuma Coord (クマクマユニーク) has not appeared in the anime yet. This coord is from the brand Prism Stone (Brand). It is a Premium type coord.





A purple tank top with two pink spots at the center is worn under a yellow jacket. Lining the bottom is a pink band with piping of white around the center. The collar is white with purple lining and four little balls on each side of the shoulder, two red and two purple. The cuff is pink with small kuma heads in red and pale pink. Around each cuff is a row of pearls and four pom poms, two red and two yellow. A kuma head icon is pinned to the chest, while a pink bow rests on each side of the torso. The gloves are pink with a spiked purple and white cuff, and a pearl bracelet with a purple bow on each wrist. A pair of angelic, puffy yellow wings are sewn on the back. 


A two layer skirt, each with a chain of pearls and a row of bows; the top purple and the bottom pale magenta, all of which have a gold heart middle. The top layer is pink with pale pink and red kuma heads, while the second layer is solid purple.


Pink shoes with red on the heel and lining on top. Around each ankle is a pearl anklet with a purple bow attached to it. On each bow is a gold heart and two yellow pom poms hanging from the string. Comes with yellow stockings that have a white center lined in pink. Each cuff is purple with white lining and pom poms of pink and red. A single pearl bracelet rings around the cuff. 


  • This coord is based on an anime character, the mascot, Kuma.
    • This is the first coord to be based on a character from the anime.


Unique Kuma Coord is a Rare Premium Coord from the brand Prism Stone (Brand). It first appeared in 2014-2015 3rd Live Collection.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Unique Kuma Tops

Unique Kuma Skirt

Unique Kuma Shoes


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