Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Yellow Cyalume Coord (トゥインクルリボンスウィートイエローサイリウム) has not been seen in the anime. This coord is from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It resembles the Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Cyalume Coord and the TRS Special Color Cyalume Coord.





A white frilly dress accent by lining of powder blue or gold lace, or in solid lines. Gold ruffles are sewn to a powder blue strap accenting the chest and adorned with a tiny gold bow accent by a gold heart and pale blue lines. Gold bunny heads are sewn to the center of the chest. The sleeve has a powder blue strap holding the cuff, while three layers of ruffles adorn each shoulder, one white with gold lining, one solid white, and the last gold. Sewn to the collar is a gold lace ribbon with pale blue lines and a gold heart, accent by a second layer of ribbon tails in pale gold. Beneath the waist is a chain made of matching bows with pale gold or powder blue cloth beneath them, alternating with one-another. Sewn to the hem are the same bows but they lack the cloth, instead they are attached to a pale gold or pale blue bunny head.


Pale gold baby dolls with a bow on top of the foot accent by a large fluffy white pom-pom. Thin pieces of material wrap around the ankle with a yellow bunny head sewn to the back. Comes with white stockings with two lines of powder blue lace alternating with gold, matching the six tiny bows sewn on front. The cuff is in two ruffled layers with a line of gold or pale blue, and circling the top are four bunny heads alternating between pale gold and yellow.


A pale gold brim with white frills and two yellow bunny heads sewn to the side.


Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Yellow Cyalume Coord is a Lovely type Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.



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Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Yellow Cyalume Dress

Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Yellow Cyalume Shoes

Twinkle Ribbon Sweet Yellow Cyalume Hair Accessory

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