Tropical Cyalume Coord (トロピカルサイリウム) has been worn by Laala Manaka, but has yet to debut in the anime. This coord is Brandless and it is a Rare Type coord. It is similar to the Milky Heart Cyalume Coord and the Mixed Berry Cyalume Coord.





A dress made of a white vest lined in hot pink with a single pale pink button mid-torso on top of a white shirt. The collar is lined in pale pink to match the lapel, surrounding a section of navy lined with a row of small yellow buttons. A hot pink bow rests beneath the neck, while four ruffled sleeves rest on top of a red, skin-tight sleeve, coming in navy, sky-blue, soft lemon, and ho pink. The skirt is made of pale pink, yellow, and sky-blue sharp petals lined in white on top of a red scallop-lined layer. Three layered ruffles line both the front and back corner, each lined in hot pink, white, or pale pink, coming in solid white, sky-blue and navy striped, or hot pink. Comes with red ribbon for the wrist.


Hot pink pumps with a thin white line at the sole and a silk bow sewn to the heel. Comes with white and pale pink vertical striped stockings with white, two layer cuff each lined in hot pink.


Tropical Cyalume Coord is a Cyalume Rare Coord and it has no brand. It first appeared in the August Promotional Wave.



Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Tropical Cyalume Dress

Milky Heart Cyalume Shoes


Official Arts


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