Kanji トリコ
Rōmaji Toriko
Physical and Vital Information
Species Mascot
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Blue (feathers)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Helper
Personal Status
Anime Episode 51 - The Prince and the Blue Bird of Misfortune
Voice Actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa

Toriko is a mascot character in PriPara and the manager of Fuwari Midorikaze. She was nicknamed the Blue Bird of Misfortune due to bad things always happening to others in her presence.


Toriko takes the appearance of a small, plump, and round blue jay with blushing red cheeks, navy/black eyes, a yellow beak and a lace collar around her neck. The edge of her wings and feather tuff are yellow.


Toriko is a shy, high-strung, and isolated bird who thinks very little of herself due to her reputation. Prior to meeting Fuwari, she was always alone and to herself in her birdhouse home and didn't trust people as shown when she thought Fuwari was going to do something bad to her. She has a tendency to panic over even the littlest things and tends to panic over Fuwari's easygoing personality. Despite still being shy, if something goes right she can become prideful and arrogant.


Fuwari Midorikaze - The idol she manages. Fuwari approached her and asked her to be her manager to which she declined at first. At first they started off rocky due to Fuwari getting hurt due to being around her constantly as well as Toriko's own lack of ability to trust others, but after Fuwari saved her from drowning and proved to her that she genuinely wanted her as her manager, she opened up to her. She tends to worry over her quite a bit due to how she goes at her own pace, but she's proud of her nonetheless.


Toriko (トリコ) - tori (トリ) means bird and ko () is a suffix that means boy, girl, child, or little.


  • She is the first bird mascot to appear in the series as all the other ones were mammal mascots.
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