Time Garden Fantastic Coord (タイムガーデンファンタスティック) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It is first seen in episode 186 worn by Galala•S•Leep. It resembles the Time Garden Blooming Coord.


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A midnight blue camisole with a green, peach, and pink floral design. The chest is low-cut to expose white floral lace fabric, matching that sticking out of the bottom and lining the ribbon that ties behind the neck. Around the navel is a pink silk ribbon with a pale pink flower in the center, accent by a trim of ruffled, solid colored midnight blue fabric. Rounded, puffed sleeves are worn beneath the shoulder with a white band around the top, and a scalloped, two layered lace cuff. The user gains pale a pale pink flower choker with a flower and ribbon tails hanging from it, along with matching flowers and vines around the wrists.


A thickly folded high-low midnight blue skirt covered in the floral print from the top. Two strips of white lace trim the bottom, along with a section of midnight blue to accent the strip at the middle of the skirt. Several pale pink flowers are sewn to the dress, while a pale pink silk ribbon wraps around the waist with a white scalloped peplum beneath it. Hanging from the back of the skirt is pale pink scalloped fabric with an indigo line pattern.


Midnight blue pumps with a bow on the foot adorned by a single flower. Midnight blue tights are included with a green vine design going up the side of the leg accent by pale pink flowers. On the ankle is a pink silk ribbon with a single flower and a white scalloped piece of fabric.


A pearl chain hanging from a midnight blue lace accessory with frills, dots, and roses all over it. Three, small pink and white flowers are surrounded by two, more detailed pale pink flowers.


Time Garden Fantastic Coord is a Premium-type Super Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


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