Time Garden Blooming Coord (タイムガーデンブルーミング) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It is first seen in episode 171 worn by Falala•A•Larm. This coord resembles the Time Garden Fantastic Coord.


Episode Image User
171, 178
Time Garden Blooming



A white blouse with a green, pink, and peach floral design. The fabric wraps behind the neck with off-white frill lining to match the scalloped fabric on the chest, bottom, and making up the sleeve accents. A pleat white fabric is sewn around the navel beneath a shiny lavender ribbon with a flower in the middle. The same flowers adorn the neck with ribbon tails hanging from them. Comes with vine accessories on the hand decorated with several flowers.


A white floral skirt with a band of frills on the hem and off-white lining the bottom and solid white pleat beneath it. The white waistband has a thin band of lavender around it, along with a piece of off-white scalloped peplum. Sewn over the skirt is a sheer white layer covered in purple and lilac flowers, while the inside has a pale striped fabric.


White pumps with a lavender bow on the foot, where a single flower is sewn. A matching ribbon adorns the ankle, along with a pair of off-white socks with a matching ribbon sewn to the back. Comes with white tights that have a vine and flower design on the side of the leg.


Large lilac flower with a pearl center surrounds three similar flowers and a pearl chain. A floral piece of lace fabric trims the top.


Time Garden Blooming Coord is a Premium-type PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol. 5 Collection.


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