Tick Tock Flower
Pripara Episode 37 53
Kanji Name チックトクフラワー
Romanized Name Chikku toku furawā
Creator Faruru
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Faruru

Tick Tock Flower (チックトクフラワー Chikku toku furawā) is a Making Drama performed by Faruru that made its debut in Episode 34.

Character Appearances



A single glowing rose petal floats into a monotone room full of gears with Faruru standing on one of them, frozen in place. It reaches her and she gains color, happily embracing it. She spins with red sparkles and a red flower appears beneath her. She spins and vanishes before appearing in a dark room holding the flower. She then holds it out to the audience, scattered several petals.


After Faruru spins to summon the red flower, she slowly hops three times to summon three more flowers, then she jumps from the room to hold out a small bouquet. The petals scatter after she holds them out, revealing herself on a platform of the same flowers.


After Faruru spins to summon the flower, long vines appear behind her. She jumps out of the room as the vines continue growing and seven other flowers appear. In a new area, the vines and flowers continue to sprout and grow, and out of the red flower comes the new Faruru, holding a colorful bouquet. She holds it out before posing as the camera pans out to reveal the suddenly new, large field of flowers.


This time, when Faruru comes out of the large red flower she is shown on the transformed Unicorn. She then gallops off into the sky with a large sparkling trail behind them.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Tick tock-flower
Pripara Episode 37 53
Unicorn and falulu


  • The flower that appears is a reference to the one Non gave to Faruru.
  • This is the only Making Drama to "evolve" with every appearance.

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08 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Faruru TickTock Flowers

08 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Faruru TickTock Flowers

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