• Ainlina-san, i'm Afifah Khairunnisa, a big fan of Tenpuru-sama and Fuwari-sama and you, Ainlina! I really want to be an Event Team part and creating fun events even if I'm still a starter. I'm so excited here and tomorrow please make me an Event Team, okay, Ainlina-san?

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    • I interupt because I'm another Admin and Ainlina has been having a little bit of difficulties lately with her computer, as has Mikitty.

      Anyway, I personally believe before we try that, maybe you should become a more.... "established member" of the wikia first. So that we know you're a good member who works hard and stays around fairly often. We wouldn't want a member there who isn't going to be around often.

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    • She rebirth as me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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