• H-hi there. I-I'm Abi. I've been on this wikia for a while, and I am interested in being the wikia's screenshotter for each episode. That way I can watch the episdoes more often and help the other PriPara fans on here. I've heard you as Alice for Miracle Muse and I couldn't believe it when loveairaharune told me you were the same person. Anyway, I'vde been trying to earn some badges and become a pro editor here, but I obviously don't have access to some things, as I'm not an admin. I doubt you'll get this, but if you do, can either you or one of the other admins go and edit the home page as it has a lot of out of date stuff that I'm dying to help change but I obviously can't. Good Luck with Miracle Muse and I will continue to hear your covers there! Also, thanks for inspiring me to become a Love Live! fan, the anime is so good. A lot better than PriPara in a way. Made me cry so much. You make an amazing Hoshizora Rin. B-bye Alice-senpai!

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    • Hi Abi, thank you for telling me about the home page- I'll get to updating it right away. 

      It'd be great if you could upload screenshots for every episode, we'd love that! I'll try my best to pop on once in awhile and fix up galleries and go through things, so thank you so much for your assisstance. <3

      As for Miracle Muse, yep, I voice the Rin for the chorus- thank you so much for your support, it really motivates us to come out and work hard to make more content. 

      It's nice to talk to you, and if you've got any questions or concerns feel free to shoot me another message- although talking to another admin might help as I'm technically semi-active at the moment.

      Thanks for letting me know about the home page ^^

      Ainlina \o/ (talk) 20:51, February 20, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Thank you so much for updating the homepage! I'll start screenshotting from Episode 85 because I still have a little catching up to do as I've stopped waiting for subs. You do a great job as Rin and I can't wait to hear your new covers! I'm really sorry that Start:Dash got taken down off YouTube, I really loved that cover. I'll definitely go ask another admin for more advice, and I understand that you have a life other than online. Being the leader of a chorus group is so much work, I have to admit though.

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