• hi im jo from aikatsu wiki. I need some help with coding and I'd like to learn from this wiki. May I ask who's in charge of coding?

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    • I'm in charge of the coding here, but I'm not an expert so don't expect anything too complex. ^^"

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    • alright no worries. just some stuff you guys have been doing. I wanna know how your ogg player code works, since our wiki will be having our custom made ones

       (yea i suck at coding)

      Can you show me how to change icon images (the "play" and "info" button) and background color of the ogg player?


      (tbh i tried looking through your CSS code but its way too complicated)

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    • I thought I replied to this...I'm really sorry, aha. I haven't been active the past few weeks as I've been on holiday, but if you still need help with this then email me at charlottehw76@gmail so I can talk you through the code. ^^

      Again, I'm really sorry this is so late.

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    • don't worry. No one on aikatsu wiki provided a design so yea...

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