Team Super Cyalume Aroma Coord (チームスーパーサイリウムあろま) is a Cool-type coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in episode 166 worn by Aroma Kurosu.


Episode Image User
166, 170
Gaarumageddon TeamSSRC
Aroma Kurosu



A short black dress with gold detail in the center and a diamond hanging from each corner of the bottom. The middle of the chest is shaped like a heart with a star in the center and the fabric made of black and hot pink diamonds. Black and gold ribbon covers the collar bone and is sewn to the included collar, which attaches to a hot pink and black frilly choker. Sewn to the bottom are semi-pleat tutu layers of fabric, with the outer portions made from a raspberry and black diamond print, while the inside is solid black. Resides on the back of the waist are a pair of gold and hot pink diamond tile demon wings. The skirt is in two additional layers, the main being a dark gray balloon skirt resting beneath a pattern of large gold clock hands and bars, each connected by black strips. On the back of the skirt is a thick gradient raspberry and hot pink ribbon with gold lining and two diamond chains that attach to a black heart on the bottom. Black bell sleeves are included with gold detail, one of which has hot pink ribbon.


Black boots with gold bottom and pointed toe. At the middle of the foot are two clock hands attached to a star, while sewn to the back are demon wings matching those from the dress. Black and gold flaps cover the front of the leg, the bottom of which has a single hot pink diamond to match the thick ribbon covering the right thigh.


A hot pink pointed brim with a scallop layer of dull mauve over it, adorned by four gold upside-down hearts. Sewn to the right are two devil wings.


Team Super Cyalume Aroma Coord is a Cool Super Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.3 Collection.


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Team Super Cyalume Aroma Dress

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