• Yui performing the dance
  • Dorothy and Leona performing the dance
  • Nino performing the dance
  • Shion performing the dance
  • Michiru performing the dance
  • Shuuka performing the dance
  • Yui performing the dance ver. 2
  • MY☆DREAM performing the dance
  • Nino performing the dance ver. 2
  • Michiru performing the dance ver. 2
  • Yui performing the dance ver. 3

Super Idol Time (スーパー アイドル タイ Sūpā Aidoru Taimu) is an event that occurs when an idol wins a Grand Prix at Paparajuku's PriPara or when another circumstance is met. Falala•A•Larm takes the idol to a special stage where she hands the idol the Idol Time Harp. The idol then performs a dance to the song Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time! sung by Falala and receive a Dream Coord and another part of the coord she's wearing (only the winner of the Grand Prix gets this). The idol may receive a Super Cyalume Coord.


List of Performances

Episode Image Performer Award
152, 160, 171, 185
DCwPSEQV0AE2JVW.jpg large
Yui Yumekawa (1st Idol Time Grand Prix)
Dream Cyalume Yui Coord
Time Accessory

(Episode 160)
Idol Time Microphone Fantasy Coord

(Episode 171)
Fantasy Time Dream Coord

(Episode 185)
Afternoon Coord

Dorothy West
Leona West
Team Super Cyalume Dorothy Coord
Team Super Cyalume Leona Coord
158, 183
Nino Nijiiro (Episode 158)
Dream Cyalume Nino Coord
Time Skirt

(Episode 183)
Morning Coord

Shion Todo Team Super Cyalume Shion Coord
166, 184
Michiru Kouda (Episode 166)
Dream Cyalume Michiru Coord

(Episode 184)
Night Coord

168, 169
Dream Cyalume Shuuka Coord
Shuuka Hanazono (Episode 168)
Dream Cyalume Shuuka Coord

(3rd Idol Time Grand Prix)
Time Shoes

177, 186, 191
Team Dream Cyalume My Dream Coords
MY☆DREAM Team Dream Cyalume My☆Dream Yui Coord
Team Dream Cyalume My☆Dream Nino Coord
Team Dream Cyalume My☆Dream Michiru Coord
Time Top

Prize Gallery/PriTicket


See Super Idol Time/Image Gallery


  • Falala can be heard singing Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!.
  • Yui is the first idol to perform Super Idol Time.
  • Yui is the first idol to receive two different cyalume coords from performing super idol time.
  • When the new coord is first shown, it is not shown glowing.
    • However, it starts glowing a few moments later.
  • Dorothy and Leona were the first to perform Idol Time with more than one person.
  • Shuuka received her Dream Cyalume Coord the quickest out of all the characters so far.
    • It was one episode after her performance debut.
  • MY☆DREAM is the first and only unit to perform Super Idol Time.
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