Super Cyalume NonSugar Coord (スーパーサイリウムノンシュガー) was first seen in Episode 123. This coord is from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet.


Episode Image User
Episode 123
Ep 123 4
Chiri Tsukikawa
Pepper Taiyou
Episode 127
Ep 127 35



A short dress with a white glittering chest covered in various sized gold stars. On the right side of the chest is writing, while a white and light blue striped ribbon wraps around the lower chest. Sewn to the back is a larger striped ribbon with gold ornate detail on the scallop-shaped tails. The user gains fluffy white bracelets to match the chest. On the left arm is a cute yellow striped cat and a pink, yellow, and blue bracelet. The right arm gains chains of tiny pink, blue, and yellow beads on the right arm, along with a golden crown beneath the shoulder. The skirt is a pleat gradient striping of pink, yellow, and blue with a white and gold lace frill trim accent by a large chain of blue, pink, and yellow spheres and a pink bunny. The skirt rests on a white and gold lace petticoat. Included is a white collar with a tiny chain hanging behind it attached to a gold star.


White shoes with gold under the sole and a dot studded pattern. The cuff is solid white and resembles the collar. For one leg the user gains a beaded anklet, while the other gains beaded chains covering the lower leg. On the left thigh is a gold crown ornament.


A white hat shaped like a swan with shut eyes and pink cheeks resting on a blue and white striped ribbon. A pink striped white ribbon rests on its neck. A tiny gold crown rests on top of its head with a blue beaded chain.


Super Cyalume NonSugar Coord is a Lovely type Super Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.5 Collection.


  • Even though Non did not receive this coord directly from Jewlie, she is shown wearing it the next time NonSugar performed together.
  • This is the second Super Cyalume Coord that is shared by a Unit.


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Super Cyalume NonSugar Dress

Super Cyalume NonSugar Shoes

Super Cyalume NonSugar Hairpiece

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