Super Cyalume Aroma Coord (スーパーサイリウムあろま) is a Cool-type coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It was first seen worn by Aroma Kurosu in Episode 104. This coord is the upgrade to the Holic Trick Classic Cyalume Coord.


Episode Image User
Ep 104 18
Aroma Kurosu



A dress in multiple layers. The main portion is purple with gold lining and white detail on the skirt to match the ruffles sewn around the chest. Over the ruffles is a violet strap around the waist, along with a large black shape reminiscent of a cross, and gold ribbon on the sides of the torso. Sewn to the center of the chest is a hot pink heart with horns and gold devil wings with a tiny heart beneath it and a piece of white to lavender pleat material. A violet ribbon wraps around the neck with a hot pink heart beneath it. The skirt portion is shaped like two sharp petals, each with a diamond shape at the bottom and separated with a small fuchsia diamond gem. Sewn to the back is a pair of gold devil wings an a large black and dark purple ribbon ornament. Beneath the top skirt layer is a split layer of dull purple material, also lined in gold, resting on the last layer, which is dark purple with a violet gradient near the hem and a section of black with glitter coating. Beneath the shoulders are winged two layer sleeves, the top dark purple, the second dull purple. Comes with dark dull purple finger-less gloves with a thin gold ring on the middle finger. A fuchsia fluffy bracelet is on the wrist, while the cuff has a layer of white ruffled material sticking out of it. A small dark purple sleeve sticks out, lined in black and ending beneath the elbow.


Dull purple witch boots with gold sole and a fluffy fuchsia anklet. A single, small gold devil wing is attached to the corner. The cuff is lined in gold. Comes with one sheer stocking for the left leg that has a gold and black ornate cuff and black design beneath it. The right leg has dark, dull purple ribbon curled around it.


A sharp gold brim connected to a white frill piece of material and one of hot pink shaped like several petals. A pair of black bat wings rests in front.


Super Cyalume Aroma Coord is a Cool-type Super Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.3 Collection.


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Super Cyalume Aroma Dress

Super Cyalume Aroma Shoes

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