Sunset Circus Pepper Coord (ゆうやけサーカスペッパー) is a Natural coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It has not appeared in the anime yet. 





A dress composed of an orange top that has a ruffled, red piece of fabric around the top of the chest lined with black beads. This surrounds white fabric with two black buttons on it, leading to an orange collar with gold detail. The puffed sleeves are covered in large speckles of gold, brown, and orange, while circling the navel is a black band that has a border of dots alternating between light and dark orange. Ruffled, similar striped fabric is sewn on each shoulder and makes up the skirt. Orange beads are strewn around the skirt with colorful flags hanging from them, each with a big white or black dot on the tip. The lower half of the skirt has white, gold, and orange speckles covering it, along with large black circus animal shadows and a trim of fluffy dark brown material. Sewn to the bottom of this is an orange section, followed by dark orange scalloped trim and speckled fabric of white, brown, and red. The user gains orange fluffy bows covered in black spots, and black fluffy gloves.


Speckled boots with black beads sewn above the orange sole. One shoe has orange, gold, and brown spots, while the other has white, brown, and red. The fluffy dark brown cuff has a dark brown ribbon tied under it, with each tail attached to a fluffy orange pom-pom. Orange stockings are included with a black, red, orange, and white diamond pattern going down the side. The pointed cuff alternates between dark brown, orange, and red, each with a fluffy orange pom-pom sewn to the tip.


A big fluffy orange bow covered in black spots. In the middle is a brown square-shaped piece lined with orange and dark orange beads.


Sunset Circus Pepper Coord is a Natural Rare coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2017 Time Vol. 7.


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Sunset Circus Pepper Dress

Sunset Circus Pepper Shoes

Sunset Circus Pepper Accessory

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